Treating Minor Injury 2 Days Before Half Marathon (Read 33 times)


    Hi everybody,


    Sorry for such a rushed entrance but there will be a half marathon this weekend and I, 41 years old man, amd going to participate without any expectation but finishing till end.


    I was practicing and run for more than two hours a couple of sessions and 3 days ago I went for running for almost 2 hours and half and now I have small pain in my muscle below the right knee in the back and feel some minor pain in my right calf.


    What should I do in less than 48 hours to make it go away?


    I totally can do cold shower/fasting and other relatively challenging action.


    I am ok with canceling and it is not a huge deal but since this is my first time I want to do anything that I can.


    Any thoughts and helps will be greatly appreciated.

    SMART Approach

      Follow a training plan. No plan has a newbie running over 2 hours a few days before. Learn from this. This is training error. Just walk until race day. On event day, get area loose and do a walk run method. Walk by choice vs needing to. Run comfy 5-10 min walk 1 minute. Repeat.  Follow this strategy. If feeling good with 2-3 miles left, bring it home. I cannot comment on your aches. It is likely overstress response. It should feel bettef in a couple days. If not, you make the call. I will say, don't ice as this will delay recovery.

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      Mr MattM

        What he said.


        Pretty much take it easy until the race.  There is no magic way to make it go away.  It either will or it won't.  I agree with the Run/Walk approach to the half marathon.  Just go out with the idea that you will enjoy the day and make it to the finish.  Unless it's more than a 'small pain' I think you can make it.

        So, I did a thing.


          Running a marathon is not easy, you have to be well prepared. I read on https://editius.com/thesis-editing-services/ that you should do a warm-up before any run, so as not to pull any muscles. This site is also full of other useful information.


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