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    Have just completed my first 12 months of running (and done my first thousand miles). I have my second HM coming up in March so kick straight into training this week, but am gonna need some new shoes soon, as my 'main' pair have 600m on them. In my first year of running i have managed to put on 10lbs ish, so now am over the 210lb mark, have had a look round on various shoe guide sites and some stores, and most assume you are a 'mid-weight' runner. Well I ain't, I just wondered if anyone had any pointers (or experience) of what I should be looking out for. ta
      Gratz on the first year of running and first 1000 miles. I recommend going to your friendly local running store -- not a place like Footlocker .. a specialty running store. They will watch you walk, ask you about your running (how often, how many mpw), bring out a few pairs, and will have you try out a few pairs on a treadmill or outside.
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        Great job!Sticking with running can be very tricky if you don't have a group to train with.Can you give me the secret on how to get 600 miles on a pair of shoes...lol.I agree with the second post goto a running store get fitted properly and you will be very happy with your choice.T
          I don't mind the 'lone' bit - to be honest it can be quite good therapy for the mind (if not the body), to get out on your own for an hour or so. With regards the 600m - this might well be inexperience on my part - they may well have need replacing a while back, but they still seem ok - not getting any pain during or after runs, and the treads don't seem too worn.
            I agree with the others that it is best to to a real running store - not a chain. And keeping the same model you had may be a good option, too, if you were happy with them. I recomend taking your old shoes in when you go the the shop - they can look at your "wear" pattern on the bottom of the shoe, and see if that seems to macth your stride style when you a few paces for them.
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              I went to a running shop this summer (Road Runner Sports somewhere in California) and they did an analysis on me. I am not as heavy as you, but I am was just over 180 (holidays have me at 190 right now). It was really good to talk to them there. The girl that did my analysis said that my gait required a certain type of shoe, but my weight put me in a category just a bit stiffer (or something like that). Though I had done all the "figuring out" on my own which type of shoe I needed, they were able to recommend a shoe that would not only work well for my foot, but also last longer for my weight. If at all possible find a specialty shop. On the other hand, it sounds like what you have been running in for 600 miles is working for you. You could just go out and buy the same thing and be done with it.

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                First year down, with many more to go. I agree with all the posters above me, plus I rotate out every 250-300 miles. There are numbers written under each pair, (1,2,3) so I know which pair I bought first. After a few runs in the mud they all look the same. This way I can indentify. Go to a speciality running store, and bring your current shoes with you. They will be able to look at the tread wear and with some observation and questions they will recco a good shoe. It is recomended to go later inthe day because your feet swell as the day goes on! Happy running.