Chrome and Security (Read 65 times)


    Hi, i've got the error when i enter the runningahead website from chrome, "Your connection is not private", i think is an ssl error!

    This have appeared after format my laptop, maybe this is a problem on my pc.

    .windows 7 - 32 bits
    .chrome 40.0.2214.111

    Sorry about my english :X


      I am using Windows 7 and Chrome Version 40.0.2214.115 m. I have not seen this error on any of my computers (desktop, laptop, or Ipad) so I would assume the issue is with your PC.
      eric :)

        Hi TiCo,

        I'm not aware of any SSL related issues.  The most likely explanation is the mixing of SSL and non-SSL requests, caused by some of the ads not being delivered in SSL.  You can verify this by refreshing the page, which should result in a different ad.


        eric Smile