I have never ran long distances before but. (Read 261 times)

    I was running like 4.5 miles a day. The outside of my foot right below the ankle bone hurts now. What can I do?

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        Need more info - age, weight, how long have you been running, consistancy, etc.



          You probably aren't getting responses because you didn't provide a lot of information and/or because most of us aren't medical-types that would feel comfortable diagnosing someone over the Internet.  That said, all I can offer is maybe get in the habit of icing it after you run. If the pain doesn't go away in a few days, then go see a doctor.

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            I am 39 yrs old, 232 lbs 6'1. I just started running on the 27th of Aug.

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              I was running like 4.5 miles a day. The outside of my foot right below the ankle bone hurts now. What can I do?


              If you feel the cause is overuse, the standard approach would be RICE....Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

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                It is impossible to give you a precise cause or solution for such a vague problem over the internet.  MilkTruck's recommendation is a good start.


                New runners are nearly guaranteed to experience aches and pains as their bodies react to the stimulus of running.  Just proceed carefully, and don't be afraid to skip a run or two or cross-train instead of running until the pain subsides.  Over time your body should strengthen where it needs to and the issues more infrequent.

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                  Started on Aug 27th, and two and half weeks later you ran 4.5 miles.  Could be a bit too much?


                  What's your athletic background?  i.e. were you active or mostly sedentary? at 230 pounds you are putting a lot of stress on that foot, expect a few aches or pains or if you are not careful - outright injury.   Take it a bit more easy and take a couple of days off and see if the pain improves.  If it does not  or returns on your next run see a doctor.


                  If the pain improves, run more often (more days of the week) rather than longer or faster until you either lose some weight or you get stronger and you can carry those pounds without hurting yourself.

                    I am 39 yrs old 6'1 228 lbs this morning. I train boxers 3 times a week. I was a boxer until car accident. I played sports since I was 5 baseball, football and basketball. One of my fighter ask me if he won another championship would I run in a marathon with him. I said no I would do a half-marathon. With the foot injury I am going to back out of it. I think they are having a 5K the same day might just do it.

                      How soon is the Half-Marathon?


                      As far as the injury, it is common to have different types of issues when you first start running.  You have gone from 0 running to 4.5 miles in a short period of time.  If you haven't run before, your body is not used to that.  Starting with shorter distances for a few weeks would be an idea.  (Once the foot heals).


                      Best piece of advice I could give would be to take it slow, let your body adapt to running over weeks and months.   Just as it would take months or years for a newbie boxer to go from "Never boxed before", to a boxer of decent ability, same can apply to running.    As a trainer, you know that in boxing it takes months to build up the muscles, endurance, reflexes and power....  In running it also takes months as well to train the tendons/muscles in your legs for running.


                      It won't happen overnight, (It never does), but just like Boxing, if you set your mind to it, you will get there.

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                        Did you do any running when you boxed.

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                          We had a 30 mins run we done when I box. We ran around a track. I am going to just do the 5K on the 5th of October. They are having a half-marathon, 5K run and 5K walk during the same event. I have not ran in a while. I am going to do 1.49 miles today and see how its feels.

                             I am going to do 1.49 miles today and see how its feels.


                            Why don't you run an extra 5 seconds and do 1.50 miles Smile

                            It should feel the same as doing 1.49 miles.


                            (I haven't followed the thread, I just read the last post and smiled).


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                              Because that's 6 laps of a 400m track, is my guess.

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                                The 5K is wise. You can't train for a half marathon in 5-6 weeks and start running 4.5 miles daily when you are not trained to handle that stress and pounding. If you haven't run in a while, you need 6 months of training minimum to do a half the right way unless you want to risk injury.  Don't run daily for now  and maybe shoot for every other day up to the 5K. It doesn't sound like you have an injury just an overuse tweak.

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