Beijing - places to run? (Read 874 times)

    I will be in China (Beijing) later this week.  I will be there for 6 days.  Is running as common over there as it is here?  Are there good places to run or any 'scenic' routes in Beijing?  Or am I better off sticking to the treadmill?  

      I've stayed in Beijing many times and find that it's just not worth going out on the street to run, Unless you can get your run in before 7AM the streets will be choked with cars, buses, bikes and pedestrians.  Very difficult to run.  Pollution - bad.  There are lots of parks that are pretty good to run in but be prepared with a few yuan to pay an entrance fee.  The parks that charge an entrance fee won't be too crowded and will have public toilets as well.  Anything free will be packed with people and usually not have a toilet.  I always get up early and run to one of the parks and then do loops in the park.  Definitely get out and run the parks you'll get to see lots of stuff you won't otherwise see.


      Parks that I've run in:


      Temple of Earth park near 2nd Ring road and Andingmen Outer St - one of my favorites as there's lots of little loops you can do and plenty of locals (usually older retired people in groups singing, dancing, taichi, badminto, bocci ball (yes, there's a bocci ball court), hackey sack and even a couple runners.


      Zhenghai Park - this one is just a bit south of Beihai park (which is a big tourist attraction so should be able to find easily).  This one's really nice to run in.  Beihai not so much because it's too crowded with tourists.


      Yuyuantan park - a little farther out from the city center by Fucheng road and 3rd ring road - a nice lake to run around, fairly big.  Excellent for running and not so many people.  I used to stay out by the television tower and run along the canal to Yuyuantan.  Now that's a good run.  You could probably do that one most any time of the day as the path along the canal is not crowded and no vehicles go down there.

        Did one run in Beijing last year. Not sure how to link to it here, but if you are staying in the "embassy section" it was nice to get off the treadmill for a day.  Many days though the air is so bad it's better to run indoors. You can check my workouts/courses for "Beijing".

          Thanks guys - your info was really helpful.  Hopefully I will get a chance to run some parks while over there.


            If you are still interested in running in Beijing-

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