Double jogging stroller? (Read 586 times)

Burninated Peasant

    My wife is due to deliver our second kid late next month, and she's looking forward to being able to work out again. Her knees won't allow her to run, but she's hoping to do some in-line skating. This would leave me with both of the kids (18 months apart). Since we'd like to be able to work out together, we'll probably need to get a double jogging stroller for me to push while accompanying her on her skating. Does anyone have any recommendations? Cue the wrath of the elitist pricks... Smile

    I've got a fever...

      Cue the wrath of the elitist pricks... Smile
      There aren't any of those here at RA! Try Kelty. I don't have the double, but I love their single. They make great, rugged products for camping/outdoors, so their stuff is well-built. Shown with optional rain shield.

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        Cue the wrath of the elitist pricks... Smile
        I can't advise you on the stroller, nor am I an elitist prick, but make sure that you don't pass me in a local race pushing whichever one you buy. It just wouldn't be right if you made me cry. Clowning around

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