Snow Shoeing (Read 799 times)

    I got myself some snow shoes for Christmas and went out in them yesterday for a 3 mile walk (up the hills) / run (down the hills). It was a lot of fun. Anybody else snow shoe much?

    go Care Bear go!

      Snow shoeing IS fun! And a great workout. I love to snow shoe and play in the snow. For me, sometimes it's just good to go the neighborhood park cause when I get to the mountains, I want to ski. Glad you are enjoying your new "footwear"!
        Anybody else snow shoe much?
        My husband and I got each other snowshoes last Christmas (same brand and style...none of which was planned!!!). We go in the woods, take the Garmin which (for me anyway) eases the worries of getting lost in the pines! When the snow's deep enough, you can't see the trails, but if you get turned around, one glance at the Garmin gets you back on track! There's nothing that beats walking through the woods with a fresh layer of snow, hearing nothing but maybe the wind. And what a workout! We are completely hooked on snowshoeing and really looking forward to doing some more this winter!

          Yes, snowshoeing is wonderful. On those rare days when deep snow makes it dangerous to run on the roads, I will frequently put on the snowshoes and head out the back door. It is great having a few miles of trails I can snowshoe on. It is also fun just bushwacking. When the snow is deep, I like to just pick a direction and see where I head up. Victor
            There's a Colorado, pine-forested park with a hilly 5km loop about 1 mile from my house. That's why I bought the snow shoes. I did the loop yesterday and it was great. Maybe hiked half and ran the other half.