Funny signs you have seen during a race (Read 538 times)



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        "Inspirational Sign"

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          A little off-topic, since I didn't see this sign during a race... but as I was driving from California into Arizona, I saw a sign that said "Clean Dirt". The sign is more common than I thought.


          S Army Kettle run...

            "You are all Kenyans to us ...  "


              seen at Skagit Flats marathon/HM  3 yrs ago   "this is the last hill we promise"    with a smiley face.   it's funny because Skagit is the flatest race anywhere on the planet.  that "hill" was about 5 feet total, maybe.


                "MOTIVATIONAL SIGN"

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                  At the Allentown HM in April:


                  "Your training lasted longer than Kim Kardashian's marriage"


                  "Run like Ryan Gosling is waiting for you at the finish line"


                    Borrowing these from a blog I follow, but they are pretty good:


                    "PR or ER"

                    "5 to 1 you hurl before this is over"


                      San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon:


                      "The half marathoners are already eating"

                      A couple of guys sitting on couch in front yard with a keg on a table,sign said "Free Beer", another sign underneath said " SOLD OUT".

                        At the Allentown HM in April:


                        "Your training lasted longer than Kim Kardashian's marriage"


                        I saw that one when I ran the Philly Half in '11!


                        I meant to throw up a greeting, but it came out like an L to the forehead. The girl looked me like "Dude, are seriously you offended?"

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                          When I ran the Philadelphia marathon, someone offered me a beer at around mile 20 saying, "Relax, someone already won."




                          Fight The Future

                            "If This was Easy, I would Be Doing It!"


                            Reminds me of a related one:


                            "If running a marathon was easy, it would be called 'Your Mother'"


                              There are a bunch of great ones here, on Dean Schuster's blog zerotoboston:

                              Archive for the 'Smart Alec Marathon Posters' Category


                              I like this one:



                                So many good ones on this thread!  On another site someone had posted

                                Worst. Parade. Ever.