Any mittens recommendations? (Read 526 times)

    Getting tired of cold hands and especially finger tips.  I usually carry a water bottle and haven't found a way to keep that hand and fingers warm.  I've tried wearing two pairs of gloves, but that is a bit unwieldy.


    Anybody have any mitten recommendations?  Any particular considerations that I probably wouldn't think of?  Is any pair essentially as good as any other pair?


      Try socks.  They're cheap, abundant, come in variety of lengths, colors, & materials, and you can even cut a thumb hole in them if you like.

        Just ordered these: http://www.roadrunnersports.com/rrs/products/BKW1336/

          I live in Maine and have a bad case of Raynaud's Syndrome.  I'm in gloves/mittens almost 8 months of the year.


          Even the warmest "running" mittens don't really do it for me.. so this is my go to:

          they are amazing!





          And in the end...

            I like the style that are gloves with an optional mitten cover... like these..


            Fuck it. I'm gonna PR this fall. Let's do this.

              I like the style that are gloves with an optional mitten cover... like these..

              I have some with the mitten cover, probably not as good as the ones you indicate, but I still had problems with my hands getting cold.


              On the other hand, I DO live in the Atlanta area, so probably don't need something as good as those seth.hasty recommends.

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                I like the 180s convertible glove/mittens that are a good weight glove with a mitten cover that goes over your fingers when needed. As you warm up / get cold you can expose more and more fingers. I use them down to 10F or so.


                MTA: Those 180s convertible gloves also have a great soft terry-cloth section at the base of the thumb area for snot nose wiping, and reflective lines on them that are very bright...well thought out.

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                  I find most running gloves don't keep my hands warm enough.  And, I don't feel like the convertible ones are any warmer than gloves alone.  So, I've been using the REI Microfleece Mittens.  Paired with some glove liners, my hands stay nice and toasty on my coldest runs (high 20s - colder than that and I hit the treadmill).  I had a pair of Manzella mittens a few years ago and they were awesome.  But, I misplaced them and the newer model is bulkier and not great for running.

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                    I wear The North Face windstopper gloves until it reaches zero, then I pair it with internal Smartwool liners. Toasty warm!


                      I wear cold weather gloves made for motorcycling.  They're fully insulated yet still allow some dexterity for gripping.

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                        The Pearl Izumi foldover mitten hybrids are my current favorites.


                        The mitten part looks a little ridiculous but they certainly do the trick.

                        I also have terrible Reynaud's and have issues with my fingertips. The double layer helps a lot.