How to keep toes from jamming in toe-box? (Read 85 times)


    I've got wide feet with a high in-step and high arches so I need a bigger shoe than just foot length would suggest.

    Unfortunately this means I have a lot of room in the toe box and I find my toes jamming in the front.

    My problem is my high in-step/arches means I really can't tie my laces too tight, because the squeezing sensation becomes really uncomfortable.  To alleviate the squeezing I have to keep the laces fairly loose, but that allows my foot to slip forward.

    My question is:  Is there a lacing pattern that would keep my heal firmly planted in the back of the shoe?


      Are you using lock lacing?




        The lacing technique to keep your heel firmly planted in the back of shoe is called butterfly lacing. Of course the shoes need to support it, as I noted some shoes with asymmetrical lacing do not. Here is a video showing the technique: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Wf7DEaituQ


        Apparently, 'butterfly' lacing I just a different term for what robwanttorun posted. It's the same as 'lock' lacing or 'heel lock' lacing.


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          My feet are big like that as well. I've started skipping the next to last holes on my shoes then starting the crossing pattern on the third hole up. So it's still laces across the bottom holes straight up to the third hole, then begin the crossing pattern. It allows for the shoe to spread across the width of your foot but still keeps things tight toward the top of the shoe. I don't have any problems with heel movement with this because it's still laced all the way up.

          I was getting some pretty bad blisters and rubbing before. This has seemed fix the issue. Let me know if it works for you.