Sort by column heading in Workouts list (Read 635 times)

    Hi, My list of workouts spans two pages. When I click on a column heading (e.g. Type) to sort, it looks like the "Previous" and/or "Next" links don't preserve the sort. I have to resort on the new page. Miraculously, though, it does properly show the head or tail of the sort, depending on whether I was on the first or second page. Not sure if this if is the most natural behavior. But it's a tiny, tiny detail. The site is becoming more and more awesome each week! If only my training could evolve on a similar curve. -tm35
      tm35, Hrm... you are right. The fix should be quite simple too. I'll have it fixed when I get a chance. Thanks for letting me know, and keep the bug reports coming! eric Smile
        I just uploaded the fix.