Personal records while pushing a stroller! (Read 1180 times)


    I finally broke an 11-minute mile.  I've never been very fast - I think my good long-distance mile time before was around 9 minutes.  I'm recovering from a joint issue I had during pregnancy (15 months ago!), so I've been upping mileage VERY slowly.  I'm so proud that I just ran 3.24 miles at 10:58/mile!



    Anyone else out there running behind a stroller?  Any tips?  I've got rolling hills where I am - SO DIFFICULT!

    I fly.

      Great job! 


      I used to push my son in a stroller around Percy Warner Park in Nashville.  That was hell.  Now I mostly run on the boardwalk (we moved to the Jersey Shore).  It's much faster when you run on the boardwalk!

      Bring it on.

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        Nice job!


        It's great to see/hear about more stroller runners.


        I've recently become hooked on it.  There is nothing like getting more kid time, especially when running doesn't easily lend to it Smile 


        I tried stroller running a couple years back and could barely make it a 1/2 mile running because it was too exhausting.  So I just stuck with stroller walking.  This year, due to circumstances with not being able to arrange a baby-sitter, I ended up having to run a 5k race with my 5 year old in a jogging stroller.  He fit, just barely.  I figured it was going to be brutal, not only because he's not a toddler, but because at the end of the race is a pretty decent hill trot that I heard a lot of people comment about while sighing.  I was thinking I'd avg 14-15 min/miles, based on my past experience.  Walk/Run mix was the plan.  But race day adrenaline topped with wanting to give my kid a fun and fast ride, helped me run the whole thing.  Since then I've tried to work in more stroller runs.  Not all the time, but enough to keep it fresh.


        Keep in mind these tips are based on only one 5k race and about 10 training runs.  So, I'm by no means an expert.


        1) probably goes without saying: use the downhill as much as you can to pull you to your desired pace, but don't over do it and exhaust yourself by going too fast.

        2) I attack the up hills just to get it over with.  In the 5k I actually passed quite a few people on the ending hill.  Talk about exhilirating

        3) Occasionally I lean on the stroller for about 15-20 seconds to get my legs used to moving faster again if I've been grinding out a slower pace

        4) I try not to constantly push the stroller, only steer it, if it starts to drift.  Pushing it only when gravity requires.

        5) Most importantly, talk with your stroller passenger.  I completely lose track of any pain or exhaustion. And, if they're old enough, "Go Faster!" is like having Mick telling you that your going to "Eat lightening and crap thunder" (I hope I remembered that Rocky quote correctly)


        I know the days of stroller running are running out on me in a couple years (I have a 2 year old as well), so I'm just cherishing every time I can do it.


        Keep up the good work and have fun!

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          Great job!


          I have a 17 month old and I run with a stroller two days a week. I get Saturdays off from pushing it and I feel like I'm flying.


          First tip is check your tire pressure often! Just a little bit of air can make a huge difference I have discovered.


          I do check my form from time to time and remind myself to relax, especially towards the end. I find my upper body getting too tense from time to time.


          On my shorter runs (2-4) I do a faster pace, 9:10 to 9:30. But when I do a long run I slow it down to 10:00+ because I know just having to push the stroller takes so much more out of my whole body, especially my arms.


          When I started running with the stroller I just hated it. But now I'm getting used to it and trying to focus on the positive. You always have access to water and a towel to wipe sweat. You're getting an extra upper body work out and your non-stroller days you will feel like you can run so much faster. The really great thing is if I time my run right I can get the kiddo to take a good 30+ minute nap and that's good for all of us!


          Recently I just realized my stroller has a built in rain shield in the canopy. Just a few short days after figuring that out it rained halfway through a 5 mile run. I was so thankful for that rain shield. Just unzip the canopy ,  pull the shield down, attach it the bottom and get back to running, so easy. Schwinn is the only brand that I know of that has the built in rain shield, I don't know why others don't do that. I don't think I'd ever buy one without one built in now that I have experienced the blissful ease of their rain shield.


          Keep up the good work! It does start to get easier. When I started I had a hard time doing faster than a 10:00 mile but now my speed has picked up. I do find on days where I add a new mile it's more tiring than adding while stroller free. Today I moved up to 6 miles and was cursing the stroller for the last two!

            Speaking of stroller PR's, where has JDF been?  That dude ran an 18:26 5k pushing a stroller.  He once posted a youtube video he made by mounting a camera on the stroller for a 5k race...that was pretty cool.

            Runners run.

              We have a down-hill mile race on the 4th of July in my town right before the parade, and my high school coach broke 5:00 several years in a row pushing a stroller.  The slight up-hill/flats must have been killer at that pace, but the downhills must have been super fast!

                I haven't been payng too much attention to stroller PRs, I only run with it for easy runs but it definitely slows down my pace.. Normal easy runs are around 10 mpm and stroller easy runs are around 10:30, 10:40 mpm!  (And I think messes with my form... if I do much stroller running, I start getting knee/ankle pain) (And my daughter is just 23 lb, only 10.5 months old)



                No particular tips... but has anyone had luck using both arms? Regardless of meaning to switch arms, my dominant arm keeps taking over and ends up being the one on the stroller. 


                I can't say I'm a big fan of the stroller running, especially since she's no longer looking at me now (took off the infant adapter)

                  I don't keep track of PRs with the stroller but yesterday was easily one of the toughest days out with my two year-old daughter.  We started the run with three miles into a 25-35 mph headwind.  She was enjoying herself so I decided not to turn around after a mile.  It was extremely exhausting and I finished the 8-mile run with just over an 8:30 per mile pace for a run I would normally do without stroller between 7:30 and 8:00.


                  I love running with both our children but look forward to running next year with our baby to be born in December.  Our son is four and weighs over 40 pounds so that is a lot of work just pushing him.  The real challenge though is answering all of his questions on a run!


                    I run with both kids, ages 2 and 4.  It is probably our most favorite activity together because it's quality time spent together, we cover a nice amount of the area (6 to 8 miles typically) at a slow pace and they really learn alot about neighborhood landmarks that you otherwise would be traveling too fast to see.

                     Combine the fact that it's unique and that's why we love it. 


                    We run about 200 miles per year during the Daylight Saving Time portion of the year, mid-March til Halloween basically.


                    My tips are: get a wrist strap as a safeguard downhills, bring emergency supplies for the kids in case they explode, always bring a toy or two but be prepared to backtrack in case they are tossed.


                    Also it's best to have ongoing dialogue with them, because there's really so much to explore.  That's as opposed to just letting the kid(s) nod off.


                    And, we almost always have a destination within the run, whether it's a park, a local ballgame (for $1 hot dogs) or the grandparents' house.  Within the run, we have little activities like throwing a rock into a stream or looking at some cats at the local farm.


                    I do not recommend running in the cold, there's just no good way to ensure they are warm enough.


                    Most importantly, cherish the time together.  One day they'll be too old (or you'll be too old) so enjoy it while you can.


                     There's some other items I've seen mentioned here, so I'll comment about them as well.

                    I run on neighborhood roads and busy roads alike.  We feel safe.  You take a risk any time you leave the house, so running with the kids just needs to be done cautiously, not in a bubble.

                    We compete in some local races as long as they do not explicitly prohibit strollers.  We complete at sub-8 minutes/mile but we certainly do not train that fast. 

                    As far as training, I would not have the time (and sometimes motivation) to train for iron man and ultramarathon distances if I didn't get to run 2 days per week with the kids.

                    I always run with both hands on the stroller.  Over time it really does build some upper body strength (though that strength probably isn't very useful).

                     And, we only run on rolling hills, the stroller lets you lean into the hills for the climb and pull back on the descent, both of which should let you maintain your pace.


                    Have fun.