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    Just curious what you all may have as a 2nd pair of shoes in rotation. If so do you use a lighter pair. I have been using the GT2000 and just purchased a pair of Gel Blur 33 2 as my 2nd pair.

    Jersee Jerry 55

    Still kicking

      Hoka Mafate 3's, Hoka Stinson Tarmacs, Altra Paradigms

      Feeling the growl again

        I have various versions of Mizuno Wave Precision in rotation, separated as treadmill and road shoes.  I recently found a couple pairs on sale as closeout (discontinued) with the help of a fellow RA member...so I'm good through the end of the year.


        I use various flats, in addition, in rotation for workouts.

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          Main shoe is now NB 980 and I will occasionally rotate in a 730 for speedwork or short racing... fit and offset is the same, but the 730s are considerably less shoe. Nice setup if you can get it, and at least the 730s are cheap.


            Verity is fun


            I like to walk/hike/jog/run/sprint on track, roads, trails and mountains


            I like different shoe. I use these in rotation currently.

            Saucony Power Grid Triumph  - 452 mi

            Saucony Power Grid Triumph - 2nd pair(different year model) - 342 mi

            Hoka MAFATE - 182 mi

            Saucony Kinarva - 152 mi

            Altra Torin -143 mi

            Brooks Cascacdia - 52 mi

            North Face HYPER-TRACK GUIDE - 7 mi

            Newton Gravity - 0 mi

              3 pair. All Kinvaras, two old models and one new.

                Verity is fun


                I like to walk/hike/jog/run/sprint on track, roads, trails and mountains


                I like different shoe. I use these in rotation currently....

                I used to be monogamous, now I am a total shoe whore.  So sorry Asics.


                Asics Speedstar

                Asics Sky Speed

                New Balance Minimus

                Saucony Virrata

                Brooks PureFlow

                  Very happy with Nike Zoom Elite's (rotating several pairs)

                  Sultan of slug

                    My 2nd pair of shoes in rotation is...whatever my old pair of shoes is. Lately, that means I rotate between two identical pairs of Adidas energy boosts.


                    I buy new ones as soon as I start to sense that my primary pair is wearing out. Because I have the lumbering stride of a gimpy ogre, this is roughly every 300 miles. I alternate between my two pairs equally for another 100-200 miles, then I relegate my older shoes to strictly "rain duty" - which means they still might see another hundred miles before I toss them, get a new pair of shoes, and the circle of life begins anew.


                    With so many models priced at $150+, this gets super expensive.

                      I'm a shoe whore.  Shoes in rotation:


                      Asics Gel Nimbus

                      Asics Gel Cumulus

                      Adidas Adios Boost

                      Saucony Grid Type A5

                      Adidas Glide Boost

                        Brooks Adrenalines:   GtS 12, 13







                        Brooks Cascadias

                        Saucony Guide 7

                        Brooks Pure Cadence

                        Salomon Sense Mantra


                          Brooks Glycerin (Red 2)  248 mi

                          Brooks glycerin 11 (Blue)  211 mi

                          Brooks glycerin 11 (Orange) 196 mi

                          Mizuno Wave Sayonara (Blue)  63 mi


                          Proud Calgarian

                            Saucony Kinvara 3 (ready to be retired)

                            Saucony Kinvara 4 (indoor/gym shoe)

                            Saucony Type A5

                            Innov-8 Roclite 243

                            Innov-8 Road X-Treme 198

                            Mizuno Wave Universe 4

                            Mizuno Hitogamis

                            North Face Single Track Hayasas

                            New Balance NB890 Fresh Foam

                            2015 Goals and PRs:

                            5k - 17:59 (18:05);  10k - 35:59 (36:42);   HM - 1:19:19 (1:19:59);   FM - 2:49:59 (3:05:46)



                              NB 1062                     -  560 miles

                              Brooks t7 racers       - 80 miles

                              NB 1062                     - 300 miles

                              NB Minimus               - 100 miles

                              NB 727                        - 80 miles


                              Adadis racing flats -- I wear these once about every 3rd week or so and always when I run on the TM

                              Champions are made when no one is watching

                                Nike Free 3.0 v3 solid (blue) $50.00 923 mi $0.05 / mi Active
                                Nike Free 3.0 v4 (Blue/Gray) $80.00 476 mi $0.17 / mi Active
                                Nike Free Run $85.00 1238 mi $0.07 / mi Active
                                Nike Free Run2+ Giants colors $115.00 1295 mi $0.09 / mi Active
                                Nike Free v3 $85.00 1002 mi $0.09 / mi



                                Nike Winter Free's $85.00 759 mi $0.11 / mi Active
                                Skora Phase $109.00 140 mi $0.78 / mi Active

                                I have found the Free's to be very durable. Basically I buy another pair when I get tired of the color of the old ones.