remember your first double digit mileage run ? (Read 538 times)


    I finally had mine today...a ten miler...a very slow one...last week nine miler felt a lot better than today..that one extra mile killed me...i was recovering from a cold this week so only had two days of running in the middle of the week. Oh well, at least i made it...

    Princess Cancer Pants

      WTG! I just had my first (10.6) a couple of days ago--funny, 'cause it was way easier and faster than my 9.5 from a week earlier (Jelly Belly beans are my secret, apparently). Smile k

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        I ran my first (a 12-miler) when I was in college (Florida State) and was spending my last spring quarter at the marine lab on the gulf coast in Sopchoppy, FL. This was during the 70's running boom and I was getting into it and running about 4-6 miles a day. One evening about 10:00 PM, I went out for a run even though it was dark, but the skies were clear and there was a full moon so I could see pretty well. So off I went down the two-lane road - there was almost no traffic - and almost immediately got into this surreal, mega-runner's high (and I wasn't even stoned, despite the times). The air was cool, I could see and smell the gulf water on my right and the pine trees on my left, and the moon was a big white orb hanging right in front of me. I was running pretty smooth and felt like doing a crazy thing and running further than normal. I went out for I don't know how long, not noticing the time or the effort, then turned around. On the way back with the moon at my back, the landscape was all lit up in a surreal glow, the stars were everywhere, and it seemed like I could see forever. After awhile, the running got really hard, and I had to push to get back to the lab, but finally did. Everyone was asleep, and I just sat on the grass and took it all in. It was so cool. Then after awhile, I got in my car and drove to the turnaround point - six miles! I couldn't believe it. Then I drove back and couldn't get to sleep until about 5 AM. I was pretty sore for a couple of days!
          Steve - what a great post. You make me want to go running right now! I've already been out doing interval run this moring and just did a power walk, so I think I'll just skip it for my knees' sake (icing them right now...), but you really motivated me writing that Smile My first double digit mileage run.. that must be practicing for my firs half marathon. I had to see if I could run that far. I could. It was a sunday, it was hot, the sun was shining, I was sore for days Tongue


            mroe thoughts...oh yeah...today everything is sore...might go for a dip in the ocean later (good thing about living in hawaii) or go for a surf. Whle recovering i thought about how it was both a physical and mental milestone for myself...physically i now weigh about 190 after being an all time high 218lb in June before i started running regularly. Mentally i would have never thought I'd be able to run 10 miles...slow and steady i guess, cliche as it is, you can do anything. If all training goes well i will do my first marathon in December. aloha
              Steve - good job and keep on truckin'! Finishing that marathon will be the best feeling ever!