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    [I posted this in the Tech Support forum, but I'm reposting here so it's more visible] Minds out of the gutter. Evil grin What I mean is make your profile and logs public, so we can get to know you! There's two places you need do this, if you so choose: 1. Make your profile public: In the upper right of the screen, click "Options", then "My Profile." Then, check the box next to Allow the world to see my profile and stats. Finally, click on the "Update" button at the bottom of the page. (The word "stats" in there is a little misleading; it's referring to your profile stats (age, weight, etc), not your running log stats. Perhaps Eric needs to clarify?) 2. Make your running log visible: Again under options, click "My Log Preferences." Click the radio button next to Allow everyone to see my running log, then click update. Public profiles are nice simply because it's interesting to see where people are from, what their story is, etc. Public logs are helpful for giving advice, as people can review your training.

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      Great advice. We actually would like to get to know y'all and these two simple actions makes that endeavor much easier, if you are not fiercely private (which I understand when people are). Big grin Love the new avatar, btw Jeff! My sis is a U of M alum. I was the black sheep in the fam and went to MSU, the chronic underachievers, much like the Lions.

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        Alrighty then! Seems to be a great forum, I appreciate the information you all have to offer. 8 Ball
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          Ok, I'm in. Fairly new at all this so not much to see yet. Lost my training log in the move, not much on it anyhow. just started this log. So, here's my story ( the CR's know it ): At ths time last year I was pushing 214lbs, smoking a pack a day, and drinkin a little more than I should. I started in Jan. w/ small changes like portion size, cutting back on a few drinks. Over the summmer joined a ( beer league) softball team. My wife had started training for a sprint triathalon and wanted me to train with her.I wasn't quite in that frame of mind yet so I didn't. Anyhoo, When her Tri came up I went with her and was just blown away by the crowds and excitement of it all. I quit smoking that next day and started running. Aug. 20th. Over the course of the last 4 months, I have found great support and great friends at CR and hoe to make more here at RA. I'm currently up to a PB of 8.8 miles on the run, down to 184lbs., and have a number of events I'm registered for on 08 ranging from a Half Mary in Feb. to a Half Iron in Aug. to mark my quit date. So, that's bout it. Look forward to making more friends. Andy
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            Andy ... thanks for making your profile and log public - that is a really great story of running changing your life. I am VERY impressed! Welcome to RA - I'm sure you' ll enjoy it here - there are some REALLY great people here already and I'm sure there will be just as many great people 'joining' from CR. Neil UK Smile

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              Welcome Andy! Yes, great story indeed ... When you described supporting your wife at the Sprint Tri and being blown away by the crowds and excitement - well, that's why I race! Wink There is nothing quite like the adrenalin rush at the starting line and then at the finish line. Again, welcome and hope you find good information and good people here!

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                FYI, I've made a profile but my running log is in my signature since it's a custom design. There's my 2 cents! Smile


                  Hi! I will start keeping a log now that I am here. Embarrassed


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                    Thighs, here. (Big ones). I've been an on-again-off-again runner for a few years. Currently training for a 1/2 in early March. Up to 7 miles on the LR - yeeha woo-woo! I ran sprint relays in hs, still pretty fast for an old fart gal (in super-short, hold-your-breath, anaerobic-to-the-max short distance), but NEVER attempted anything over 3 miles before this. I'm scared, to say the least! I am so looking forward to some KIND advice, without sarcasm, without demeaning words. I think I might find it here. Shy
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                      Jeff thanks for the guide on how to do this. I left active because I was not happy with the way things changed, and we all know that change is usually never a good thing.
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                          I am so looking forward to some KIND advice, without sarcasm, without demeaning words. I think I might find it here. Shy
                          We probably can't guarantee no sarcasm, but it's never at the expense of feelings around here. I've always found RA to be a friendly, safe, fun place...even when we're being goofy. Smile k

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                            I posted on CR....dont like new set up at all! I never kept my log, dont really have one. Here is my running journal though http://sisterpeach.blogspot.com/
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                              Ok, I'm here and Happy.This seems like an awesome site! Cool My log got a little fried in the transfer (my fault,not Eric's) so I'm starting over. 900 noob miles fm Feb07 to present tho. Thanks for the Welcomes!!!





                                Ok I'm here, and have just filled out my profile. Check me out!!!! Hi everyone - cant wait to get to know some of you Big grin