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    Hey Gang..


    How many if you wear a separate shoe for most of your training miles, then go to something lighter or different for races and speedwork?

    And if you do... whats the rotation look like?


      I wear a lighter shoe for races up to 10km and sometimes for tempo runs or intervals, depending on how beat up my legs are feeling. Just because it's fun Smile I have no illusions that it makes me run faster.


      My rotation is Mizuno Nirvana for training or longer races, and the Elixir for speedier stuff.


        Saucony Kinvara,  Skechers Go Run Ride, NB 1600,  and soon Fastwitch 6+ Type-A5


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          LIghtweight trainers for bulk miles and ultra races.  "5k flats" for intervals, most tempos, and all races through marathon.

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            I wear lightweight, minimal trainers for everything.


            Typically New Balance's Minimus Road.  When there's less gravel on the road (i.e., not winter), I run in Inov8 Bare-X 200s.


            My trail shoes are more substantial, though.

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              I prefer more minimalist shoes, but I have one foot that doesn't agree. So, I mix them up daily and have a couple of pairs of my favorites.


              Saucony Grid Type A5 (favorite road racing shoe)

              Saucony Kinvara 3 (ultra go-to, even tho they squish my toes)

              NB WT/MT 00 Minimus Trail (favorite everything shoe)

              NB WT/MT 1010 Minimus Trail (might be my new ultra shoe)

              SoftStar Run Amoc Dash with leather sole (favorite minimal shoe)


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                Current rotation includes:

                Saucony Mirage 2

                Saucony Kinvara 2

                Nike Lunar Montreal

                Saucony Type A5


                In some cases more than one of each.

                Runners run.

                  Lightweight trainers for most runs and flats of some sort for all races.


                  XC - ASICS Hyperspeed XC

                  10K and below - Mizuno Wave Universe or Brooks T7,T6  or Puma FAAS 250

                  Longer than 10K - ASICS Gel Tarther


                    I overpronate and usually do better in a shoe with a bit of stability.  The lighter shoes may have no effect (except psychologically), but even the mental boost of 'you're wearing your fast shoes, you're going to go fast' is worth it to me when I have a big goal in mind.


                    Plus, I figure I'm putting the mileage in on one shoe or another, so it's not like it's much more expensive to rotate through 3/4 pairs of shoes which I replace rarely than to rotate through 1/2 pairs of shoes that I have to replace constantly.


                    Everyday trainer: Mizuno Inspire

                    Tempos/HMs: Mizuno Elixir

                    Intervals/shorter races: Mizuno Musha

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                      Usually a 3-shoe mix in rotation: a couple "conventional" trainers and something lighter and lower-drop.  I may bias to the latter for intervals, but I usually just use whoever's up that day.


                      For races up to 10k, I'm using Adidas Rockets.  Above that, my lighter/lower-drop shoes get the nod.



                      Mizuno Wave Rider 15

                      NB 890

                      Brooks PureCadence

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                        I normally have a rotation of 3 shoes:


                        Normal everyday runs: Asics DS Trainers

                        Speedwork, tempos, races over 10k: Asics DS Racers

                        Races 10k and under: Saucony Grid Type A5


                        I've been running everything in the DS Racers for the last couple of months, though, because I retired the Trainers and was lazy about replacing them (just ordered a new pair at last).


                          Brooks Launch (two active pairs) -- Long Runs, Easy Runs, and Hills.

                          Saucony Kinvara 3 -- Tempo Runs and Intervals.

                          Cheap ASICS from JCP -- Recovery Runs.

                          Saucony A4s (old pair) -- Speedwork.

                          Saucony A4s (new pair) -- Races.


                            LIghtweight trainers for bulk miles and ultra races.  "5k flats" for intervals, most tempos, and all races through marathon.


                            Same here, except my lightweight trainers are technically flats (Saucony Fastwitch 4). For road marathon and under it's Saucony Type A2. Yeah, both no longer made, alas.


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                              Training and racing:

                              Newton Distance(2 pairs in rotation, one half mileage and the other newish)

                              Offroad and bad weather:

                              Newton Momentum Terra


                              The Terras are definately heavier and I had to wear them daily in Dec due to ice on the paved trails that hadn't melted. The first time I put on my lighter Distance shoes, like instant speed vs effort! I was amazed! When my higher mileage Distance shoes get retired,I think I might go with the Lady Issac so that I continue to train more frequently in a heavier shoe. It definately had it's benefits just in the month I was forced to wear heavier trainers day in & day out.

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                                Used to have different shoes for training vs. racing then found the Brooks Green Silence and use those for everything from 5K to marathon.  Have one pair used only for races.

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