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not bad for mile 25

    Side note: There's a herd of elk straight ahead in that pic.  It's actually a private herd that the guy raises for the meat and to sell the antlers to folks in Asian lands for their virility-enhancing powers.


      This was more from the walk with the dog after the run, but whatever.


      Runners run


      not bad for mile 25

        MoPac trail.



          I should have gone a little further to get a better shot but...


            nice no bugs now!!


            This was more from the walk with the dog after the run, but whatever.



              Well, apparently I can no longer figure out how to make google photos 'Public'.  Withdrawn.


                Let's see, when I'm logged in to google, I get a nice circle with a "-" in the middle.  When not I get a broken link. Don't think we can see the images, You might need to make them "Public"...


                Turns out to be harder then I thought.  I went into pictures, clicked the share button (not sure, but I think you might need to make sure it is "unlocked", click "get link", open link in different window, right click on the image and inspect element, you should have the URL part highlighted copy that and extract the URL shown...Yeah, probably not worth it, but you should be able to see the mushroom below...





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                  Prince of Fatness

                    Yesterday I parked in Schooley's Mountain County Park and ran down to the Columbia Trail in Long Valley and back up the mountain.  OK, I walked part of the way up the mountain.  I couldn't ask for much of a nicer February morning to go for a run.



                    View of the ridge from Long Valley......



                    View of Long Valley from the overlook on the mountain......


                    Not at it at all. 

                    an amazing likeness

                      Acceptable at a dance, invaluable in a shipwreck.

                        Rogue valentines are being posted in Half Moon Bay, CA.


                        5/11/24 Grizzly Peak Marathon, Berkeley, CA

                        7/20/24 Tahoe Rim Trail 56 miler, NV

                        9/21/24 Mountain Lakes 100, OR


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                            Running up Mt. Royal....

                            Sulphur Springs 50km-- Ancaster, ON-- May 28, 2022

                            Tally in the Valley 12 hours-- Dundas, ON -- July 30, 2022 (Support SickKids Toronto)

                            Stokely Creek-- 56km-- Sault Ste. Marie, ON-- Sept. 24, 2022



                            Prince of Fatness

                              I ran at the Trexler Nature Reserve Monday.


                              Not at it at all.