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    Nice pictures of DC there. It's hard to take pics when you don't want to stop. Pictures tend to be blurry when taken while running lol

      I think it is more interesting for a runner to see pictures of part of a route so they can imagine what it is like to run there. I live in the Northwestern New York State. I've been driving to nearby roads that I've never run or been on before. This gives me some interesting variety where I don't know what to expect along my route. Last Saturday, Oct 22nd, I ran some roads near Letchworth State Park. Here is Oaks Road, a dead end gravel road and I am running back down a hill. The tower you see beyond that line of fall trees is the salt mine and there are silos beyond that in the far distance.

      And this is from Tuesday, Oct 25th, from Longpoint Road that leads to Lake Conesus. Again, looking downhill across the valley.

      Slow and steady win the race

        From today's (Oct 30) run, some interesting textures to the fall trees and grasses

        Slow and steady win the race


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          Given the lack of city pictures in here over the last few, figured I'd throw one up from a picture I took a couple months back on my run over the Manhattan Bridge



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            These pictures were taken on my run on Sunday, November 20th. Very cold, windy and it looks like it was snow clouds off in the distance. Buffalo, about a hour West of me, got over 7 feet of snow in some areas!

            Slow and steady win the race

            an amazing likeness

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                Milktruck - Nice sunset (or sunrise) colors reflected in the water! Did you run across that metal bridge?


                Here's a picture from today, 31 degrees and very lightly snowing, ran past this field. Note how the hills are faded in the distance by the frozen precipitation. 

                Slow and steady win the race


                Mmmm Bop

                  From this mornings run (27th Jan).  Roedean School in the distance which is a very posh girls boarding school on Brighton Sussex coast about a couple of miles from my house.


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                        an amazing likeness

                          Late winter sunset over the old meeting house...


                          Acceptable at a dance, invaluable in a shipwreck.


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                            Nice shot.  I love that building.  It's spectacular in the fall.