"An Escalation in Austin" (running related) (Read 159 times)


    I've never had one, but this is the menu:



      I did it again today.  Ran mostly in the country, but on my way out and back, jaywalked (well, jayran) through at least two reds.  Blew right through them.  Was not sorry. 

      - Joe

      We are fragile creatures on collision with our judgment day.


        Re: refusing to identify oneself to the police, it's not a crime to refuse to identify yourself in Texas unless that refusal comes after you have been lawfully arrested for some other offense (Texas Penal Code 38.02).  So unless the police put this woman under arrest for jaywalking (which is basically like a traffic ticket, i.e., you are typically detained but not arrested) I don't see how the police can possibly complain about her not wanting to identify herself.  You certainly can't lie to them about who you are, but you're under no obligation to show them your papers (so to speak) just because they demand it.