Plantar fasciitis (Read 2597 times)


    Things that I did to overcome PF; some combination of this stuff made it go away after a few months:


    Fish oil


    Stretching before getting out of bed


    Taping my foot for extra arch support when running


    Rolling a can of frozen OJ under my foot after running


    Doing yoga and walking barefoot around the house to strengthen feet- as long as I wasn't in pain at the time


    Wearing shoes with good arch support when out of the house


    Losing a bit of weight


      Same here. Ice it when inflammed and stretch every morning and night.  Changing to a forefoot landing style also helped.  Strengthen your calves and feet.

      Swim , Bike, and Run A LOT


        The Nytimes Well blog did a short article on the science of toning shoes (interesting), but the comments that follow it were perhaps even more interesting. Several people commented that, while doing nothing to tone their backsides, toning shoes helped them to overcome their PF... .very interesting: 


          Having not had any PF issues for well over a year... today it is back. Sad

          Best Present Ever

            For the last few weeks, maybe two months?, I've had heel pain at the medial aspect.  I sometimes feel it while running, late in the run, but just barely.  It's not really that bad in the morning.  I mostly feel it after I run and have sat for a while (like when I stand up in the late morning after sitting at my desk for a few hours).  At that point, I will actually limp some days for a while until it works itself out.    I see a couple of suggestions that I should "work" on it before it gets bad, but I'm not getting a good sense of what 'work' on it means.  Just try different things to see if anything makes it better or worse? And those things are ice, stretching, anti-inflammatories? 


              I mostly wear some kind of Dansko or Keen shoe when not running, barefoot around the house, non-minimal running shoes to run.  I walk a lot - to and from work and around the grounds of my University, between my office in the school and my office in the hospital .... it's probably 5 miles of walking every day.  Can't figure out if that makes things better or worse. 

              I've just recently learned the hard way that by the time PF gets to the limping-around-after-sitting-awhile stage, it's already pretty bad. Essentially, you're re-tearing the injury every time you limp around or walk in pain in the a.m.


              I had to (mostly) take 2 weeks off to let it heal. Wrapped the arch when returning to running. No speed, no long distance. Aleve. Acupuncture. Massage.


              More astounding insights here.

                Newer research is saying manual therapy is the way to go, and that doesn't mean massage only




                  More astounding insights here.


                  shameless self-promotion.

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                    so far (knocking on wood) I've had good (but not perfect) sucess getting back into running after PF and other issues with:


                    1. using Superfeet inserts for runs

                    2. wearing flexible shoes like Nike Free for all day wear

                    3. avoiding hills and speed work

                    4. doing SoCal Pete's PF excercises 

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                      shameless self-promotion.


                      At least she's entertaining.


                        At least she's entertaining.


                        and I find her interesting, if not important.



                          taterpants, i would like to make a remark here about your standards for entertainment being low, but i don't want to create any further distraction from the important topic of this thread. so, just imagine my dissing you, and we will be all set.

                          i find the sunshine beckons me to open up the gate and dream and dream ~~robbie williams

                            It also helped me to think of PF as a sprain, since that's basically what it is.


                            After months of wringing my hands and pulling my hair out (attractive!) and reading 5000 different "cures" for PF, I realized the only sure cure is letting it heal. I hate not running as much as the next dork, but there you have it.


                            My next adventure will be finding out if it's going to come back.

                              I realized the only sure cure is letting it heal.



                              Sounds about right for almost every injury, which sucks for us runners

                                Sounds about right for almost every injury, which sucks for us runners


                                True. I guess I just didn't realize how long it would take.


                                And, of course, it may come back next week.


                                Running's stupid.