Wisdom teeth... (Read 233 times)

And in the end...


    That. Was. Horrifying!


    Exponentially horrifying... It was an Army dentist...


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      To counter the horror stories - I had pizza for supper the same night I got all 4 wisdom teeth removed, and didn't use the prescribed painkillers. Of course, I was only 20 at the time.......


      Same experience here.  I ate popcorn later in the day.  I guess I was lucky.

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        I had a rather petite dentist work on me for some time with a large metal tool to remove a stubborn molar. After the extraction, I remarked something like "sthash ws a tufgh one!" and she replied "Well, I didn't want to break your jaw!"  Never will forget that, or this...


        When I went for my follow up visit, the office was empty of furniture, etc.  No sign on the door, office phone number no longer working...and another patient was waiting there wondering what happened.  A few weeks later though, I recieved a demand letter for the balance due, with a PO Box as a return address. Yeah, right.

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          Glad to hear it's over and went well!


          Some of these stories were horrible and I can't believe you read them!  How scary for you!!!!!!


          P.S.  i had mine pulled when I was 18.  I got the evil dry sockets...

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            I had mine out last June (3 of them--I didn't have a 4th one) and was out for (I think) 5 days.  At that point I could "feel" every footfall in my jaw, but it was just weird feeling, not particularly painful.


            Good luck!  My advice--keep icing them for more days than you think you need to!  The chipmunk look can sneak up on you days later after the surgery.  Smile