STOP - grrrr - red lights! (Read 766 times)

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    Isn't it a bummer when you have a good pace going, and are trying to accurately pace yourself for interval times, but yet you seem to catch every red light? I guess this question only applies to those of us in urban settings. We do have 'nice to run on' side streets, a great waterfront boardwalk and some trails nearby, but it's getting too dark to run them in the evenings now.

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      I HATE when I have to cross traffic and wait for cars, even if it's only a matter of waiting 10 seconds...drives. me. nuts! k

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        I did a new route today and hit a light just as it went red. I bet I ended up spending at least 2 minutes waiting for various lights. I should just pause my timer when it happens. It's hard to figure out my pace otherwise.
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          Red lights are good! I get to stop and catch my breath, shoot the breeze, and generally feel better. The hard part though is starting again after the light turns green. Maybe that should be a different thread Tongue
            Ahh, bless the country & our lightless dirt roads. Although I can't run in the dark because there are no streetlights...white, green, red or otherwise!
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              Traffic lights, stop signs...yeah no good can come of these (err...for a runner). They do give you a good chance to stop your watch and pull yourself together, which can be nice..but they're just another reason why I don't always feel bad about hopping in my car to get to a nice running locale. Well, that and I'll take trails over a road any day of the week. If I'm not mudding, then I'm probably only half-smiling when I run.


                I don't have too much trouble with the traffic for most of my current routes as where I do need to cross the road I have a long enough section to run along first to be able to get across in a gap in the traffic in both directions. The main issue I have is just getting into and out of the esate that I live in due to the traffic. Most of the time at the start of my run the cars are all queued up in both directions so I can just nip between them whilst they are parked, but by the time I'm coming back that same section of road has freed up a bit and they are all moving again too close together to sprint between and there are not enough pedestrians about to have already hit the button on the crossing so I can get across then either.


                    When I get a green light, I'm happy Smile, but when I hit a red light, I'm not happy Angrybecause I like to just do my run without stopping and for me it's pretty easy since I'm only 14 years old.
                      Sometimes I hate it when I wish the light would turn red before I get there but it is as green as can be. Roll eyes

                      CPT Curmudgeon

                        I would've negative split my run today if I didn't have to wait 22 seconds to cross one intersection.....So yeah, I'm right there.

                          haha yeah i agree, today we had to run out from my school for 17:30 and then make it back faster.. it wasnt that bad except the clock didnt stop while we had to wait at red lights!
                            To try avoiding red lights, I've gone as far as running these insane circles near my neighborhood. Only problem is there are a couple of dogs who now seem to be waiting for me when I come running by. I now consider this moment at a good time to do some fartleks! I can actually out run one of the mangy mongrels. I swear sometimes they are laughing at me. Ted
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                              Hmm... just do what I do... keep going. Given, I run around midnight to 4 am sometimes. Almost always at 11 pm lately.
                                Ha! My "fartleks" lately have largely consisted of dashing across the street, trying not to get run over... Even with the green light it seems cars are always trying to cross where I am!

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