Shin Splints Help Please!!! (Read 54 times)


    I am a fairly new runner (about 12min/mile) and have been getting shin splints the second I start running. I am 21 years old 5'11 and weigh 239 lbs (So I am definitely heavier than I should be).


    I got fitted for a Asics Kayanos and the first run was pain free, then the next day without thinking a ran a block in regular shoes and I got the pain. Ever since then (About 3 weeks) I have been getting the pain during and after a run.


    I have been stretching, wearing compression socks, and taking aleve on top of not running for a week now and they don't seem to be going away. I want to begin training for a half marathon thats in March, Is there anything else I should be doing?

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