Cool weather running jacket? (Read 88 times)

    what do you wear for runs in cool say 20 degree weather, possible wind, not necessarily rain but would like to know for that too?


    I'm from the era when we had the nylon track suits etc..., does anyone still wear those style jackets? Adidas pants and jacket?



    I could wear a tech shirt under a fleece, but those don't protect from the wind at all or rain really.



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      This.  Or a zippered jacket, like this, which lets you adjust your ventilation depending on wind/rain.


      For pants, there are just as many options as tops. I'm partial to Sporthill pants.


      These are just examples, all the major sport clothing companies have selections of tops and pants.  Key being a zippered top and a breathable pant let you adjust to changing conditions.

      Also, dress so that you're chilly for the first mile or two...

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        thanks, definitely think I'm due to purchase a couple more modern items...

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          If you want a jacket I second Milktruck's advice for something wind and water resistant that is very breathable. By breathable you want vent flaps and such plus breathable fabric.  Water proof gets way too hot.  You're going to get wet from sweat anyway.  Zippered pockets are good because you can unzip for additional venting or zip up to help regulate your temp.  Personally I use an old Brooks jacket.  Not the greatest but it vents well and is more than adequate.  Going to have to replace it someday.