Comments on log entries. (Read 577 times)

    Know this has been suggested in the past, but what about having a feature where people could comment directly below a training log entry. We use the user group forum but it would be nice to have comments attached to particular entries. Thanks Eric for your time and effort on this site. Really is awesome and helps to stay focussed on running.
      This would be an great addition, for sure! The guys I run with (in cyberspace anyway) almost always have lame workouts and I would love to be able to comment directly. Great site by the way!!!
        This seems kind of similar to a feature that, say, many photo-sites or blogs have. One thing I like about how the other sites do this is they allow a user to preview a comment and approve or reject it before it is displayed. I think this feature could easily be abused and it would be better if each runner could protect their own log by having control over what's displayed on it. Another way this could be done is it could be worked into the private message system - just allow the ability to "quote" a workout like you do in the forums. (I think you should be allowed to "quote" something in the forums to an email, too, BTW.)

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