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Needs more cowbell!

    We have carpenter ants too. I'm waiting for our house to collapse.


    Part of me wishes ours just would.  It would probably be easier than trying to sell it. Tongue

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      Terro ant baits. 


      It works better than any exterminator.  It makes the problem a bit worse for 2 days as they are ravenously going in and out trying to take the stuff back to the nest and on the 3rd day they explode.  Put them near where you see them.  If you have a lot of ants put out multiple baits.


      It's not even particularly harmful.  Its boric acid in some kind of ant-crack bait


      BTW: this product really got results fast: no ants after 48hrs.  Best success I've had with one of these products.  Thanks for the suggestion.

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        Now, you understand why I get good money for what I do! I love people who treat inside for ants. Bait inside. Increase pheromone trails. Increase ant active. Increase my price. Thanks!

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