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    A few months ago during a run, I somehow managed to strain an abdominal muscle (don't ask me how I managed to do that because I still haven't figured it out). I have run with more injuries than I can count and can run through pretty much any pain, but for some reason this injury is not letting me do that. Normally between 1-3 miles into the run my ab starts to hurt too much for me to continue. At that point I start doing intervals (aka run until it hurts too much to continue and then stop and try to massage it for a few seconds). It isn't a side stitch as 1) I am in too good of shape to be getting them this often 2) it doesn't hurt to breathe 3) it's my ab and not my diaphragm.


    The pain will go away for a little while (maybe after an off day or something) but then keeps coming back. I even took basically a week off at the beginning of July while I was at The Greenbrier Classic golf tournament and it has still come back. Has anyone else dealt with something like this? Anyone have any advice? I am starting to get frustrated because right when I am feeling great it comes back and limits my running.


    i also typically do core work most nights. I've been backing off that recently while it bothers me to run. Once I can run pain free I start doing some light core work again.

      No answers, wish I could help. Those things can stick around forever. I have what I guess is an ab strain low down on the left side, also no idea how it happened. I had it 1-2 years ago for several months, then seemed to eventually go away. However it came back, and I have had it for probably 6 months now. Fortunately it does not significantly interfere with running. It hurts more turning over in bed than while running. The severity varies; at its worst it is painful when starting a run, but then eases up. I managed to train for & run a marathon through it. It does however definitely interfere with any core work; at this point it has pretty much subsided & that is the only time I feel it.. I do yoga and I have to back off certain things.


      Good luck.


        I strained an abdominal muscle last Fall playing soccer.  I was limited to about a mile a day for about 2 months.  After that, I was able to slowly build back up, but it probably took 4-5 full months to recover.  The problem with straining the abdominal muscles is that they are very deep muscles so icing doesnt usually help, and there really is no way to stretch them out.  Plus, if you are like me and sit at a desk all day, you are keeping it in a contracted position for most of the day which doesnt help.


        Best of luck



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          Could possibly be a hernia?

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            You won't like this answer.


            I strained the abdominis rectus muscle several years ago and went just what you are going through, and it wouldn't go away, as jeffdonahue explains before me.  My suggestion is, depending on what state you live in, is to go to a good PT, or go to the dr. to get a referral to the PT and let the therapy fix it.


            The general solution is that the PT will give you exercises that fire the small core muscles that surround the injured muscle, which allows it to heal, and it will, quickly.  But my guess is if you do nothing you will have this for a long time.   Spareribs

              Thanks guys!

              You gave some great answers and actually made me feel a little better by knowing I am not the only one who has dealt with this and had it not go away. I actually had some good runs this week. Did a solid 7 this morning with no pain. I am just praying it stays like this. I've laid off of core work for the last week and a half but my try to start back up to try to "rehab" this stupid thing.


              I asked my attending that I am working with about the possibility of a sports hernia and he actually hadn't heard of it. When I showed him something that explained what it was he said it pretty much sounded like a strained abdominal muscle, since it isn't a true hernia (but can become one).


              Thanks again, and any other tips you have would be great.


                I've been dealing with something similar for a few months as well (lower ab near the pelvic area -- sounds almost exactly like the situation DaveP described).  It is more annoying than painful (unless I try doing leg lifts).   Often I won't even notice it while running, but sometimes at the beginning of a run or end of a longer run it is noticeable.  Finally thought I better go to the doctor to get his opinion (was worried about hernia) and he indicated it is likely a strained tendon and didn't seem too concerned, but recommended rest.  I had a run coming up in late July that I wanted to participate in so asked if it would be a problem to wait until after that to take some time off and he was fine with that.  His biggest concern about running was that it would through off my form and lead to other injuries.  That said, its been about two weeks of no running and, while it seems to be getting better, I still feel it a bit when I use those muscles.  I'm hoping it clears up soon.  Part of the frustration is that it is definitely something that I can run with which makes it hard to take time off.  However, I'd rather get it cleared up and not have it be a long-term issue.