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    I am a volunteer at Christian Aid and I wanted to pass on the following information on a couple of Half Marathons we have taking place in September/ October to any of your members that might be interested:-


    InEthiopiapeople are forced to use water sources that are a huge health risk due to drought. Women are mainly responsible for collecting water, and some spend up to 12 hours a day doing so. Not only is carrying this load extremely damaging to women’s health, travelling this long distance they are exposed to a greater risk of abduction and rape and this leaves them extremely vulnerable.


    Etebane is only 12 years old and ever day has to make two 4 km journeys to the nearest spring collecting 10 litres of water and carrying it on her petite frame. Etebane is looking forward to the completion of pipe work that will bring the clean and safe drinking water from the spring to her village and mean an end to this exhausting daily routine.

    So run the distance for Etebane and many others this year by taking part in the Royal Parks Half Marathon or the Bupa Great North Run:


    Royal Parks Half Marathon

     7 October 2012. Put yourself up for the challenge and join team poverty in 2012 forLondon’s most picturesque half marathon.


    Bupa Great North Run

     16th September 2012. Join us for the Worlds biggest half Marathon and run 13.1 miles fromNewcastle to Southshields to help us in our fight to eradicate poverty,


    You will find more information on these events on the Christian Aid website:



    If you can think of any other ways we would be able to promote our running events in your area then we would love to hear them so please do get in touch.


    Best wishes,


    Viva Mcpherson


      Who 's going to tell the kind lady that apart from a few Brits huddled in an isolated part of RA the vast majority of,people who read her message live on the wrong side of the Atlantic I can assure anyone who decides to cross the pond to run from Newcastle to Southshields forget it and find a run in your Rustbelt as you won't notice the difference.

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        Sounds to me like you are going to tell her.


          Bupa Great North Run is actually one of the premier half marathons in the world.  Attracts the very best runners and a good number of the fastest times ever run are on that course.  A mega-event (50,000+) and difficult to get into from what I can tell, not my kind of race but not to be dismissed as no different than any other half out there.


            Agreed there's a lot of people in it but apart from that it's nothing special especially as you end up miles away from the start. I wonder if the nice lady asked Eric if it was ok to assume an identity and post an advert for the event or better still offered a donation for the publicity?

            Old age is when you move from illegal to prescribed drugs.




                Hey Jules do I have a thread for you.


                Thanks for proving my point that you don't need to travel across the pond if you want to run in an industrial waste land, I assume the place has improved,a bit since the photo on the website was taken! Oil Creek what an evocative name.

                Old age is when you move from illegal to prescribed drugs.