Plantar Fasciitis Question (Read 86 times)

    The quick question: I've never had Plantar Fasciitis before, but on Wednesday at the end of the work day, as I'm walking to my car, my left heel begins to hurt significantly enough that I don't want to put full weight on it. It feels like a bruise. Feels better after running, and does not hurt significantly worse in the morning, though I do feel it slightly then as well. Does this sound like PF?


    The other factors: I've just returned from a trip to England. We did a significant amount of walking there, and I was in dress boots for longer periods of time than typical of my schedule here at home (maybe a factor?). I've had Achilles Tendonitis before, and so obviously tight calves are something I try to pay attention to, but I didn't think to stretch at the end of those days of prolonged walking. Already back on the ball with my eccentric calf raises/heel drops.


    I began my taper for an April 14 marathon just prior to leaving for London. So mileage has been lower, and while in London I didn't get the miles in I would have liked to (I blame the cask ales).


    Additionally, after returning I began another bout with Sinusitis and took Monday-Wednesday off of running hoping to clear the sickness quickly. With three days of rest, the Wednesday evening onset seems peculiar.



    Not the way I wanted the last few weeks before a marathon to go, but alas, that's life.


    Further thoughts welcome.


      My Thoughts:

      Do your best to consult a sport doc before the marathon.

      Taping helped me out of my plantar fasciitis (If you do have it).

      Before my last marathon I was dealing with a bad case of ITBS that ruined the last month of my training. I did not meet my target time but I made the run till the end without stoping or walls etc'.

      Good luck