New Saucony Kinvara? (Read 4691 times)

Marquess of Utopia

    Love them! So far I've logged over 200 miles in them, about 3-4 days a week. I've worn them for easy runs, 18 mile aerobic threshold, tempo runs, short intervals, etc.


    The first time I wore them 2 days in a row and on the 3rd day my calves were a little sore. I don't think I would have a problem wearing them everyday now.

      I've already had to replace my first pair. Don't know the mileage 'cause I'm lazy about uploading from my Garmin, but certainly < 300 miles.


      At first I thought my legs were just slow to recover after 63 miles at a 12-hour race (in the Kinvaras). Then I realized, no, the shoes are shot. Got a new pair, it was night and day. Also the new pair doesn't rub my little toe quite so much.


      I think this is like the old (then new) NASA slogan: "Faster, Better, Cheaper". Which, after one too many Mars probes was lost, became "Faster, Better, Cheaper: pick any two". Or in this case, "Light, Cushioned, Durable: pick any two". Which is an OK tradeoff with me. I'm just going to have to be more careful about tracking shoe mileage. The failure mode is not great. The shoes just become dead.

      12 Monkeys

        Just ran my first run in them.  Wow.  They feel like slippers, cozy, light.  I think I like.  I did not notice any pressure on my little toes.
          I've had mine for a couple of weeks now.  I'm a fan.  No problems so far.

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          the man put the gun away

            about 30 miles on mine.  they are dreamy so far.

                I have about 55 miles in mine. I did a week or so running in them almost exclusively, but when I got sore calves, I decided to just throw them on occasionally. Then I went on a couple of long trips and didn't trust them as my only pair to bring, so I haven't gotten as much time in them as I'd hoped.


                When wearing them on a recent long run on trails with lots of climbs and descents, I got black toenails on the second-smallest toe on both feet. After reading comments in this thread about sore little toes, I looked at my feet and noticed my little toe is quite a bit shorter than my second-littlest toe, so maybe it's the same issue, just affecting me differently from those with normal toes.... Shoot, now I have a toe complex! I also concur on the signs of low durability, but I suppose that's to be expected considering the weight. Despite those drawbacks, I actually like them a lot, mainly because of how liberating it feels to wear light, low-support shoes, but we'll see how I feel as time goes on.

                12 Monkeys

                  Like slippers, I tell ya.
                    Got about 100 miles on mine so far. Still in love. Used them on track and roads for all types of workouts. Noticed the tread wearing down a bit underneath, but so what? It's not bad or anything too abnormal for 100 miles. Still grips the roads and as far as "feel" goes (the important thing) they still feel great and no sign of wear.

                    Best road shoe I've ever run in, by far. 

                      I love mine so far (after 15 miles).  Light, flexible, and easy to run midfoot, these shoes definitely fit in with the "run in the least amount of shoe that you can without injury" theme.  Obviously I can't comment on durability quite yet.

                      I bought these with the goal of them becoming my new go-to training shoe, replacing my aging Wave Elixir 4's.  After a few months of running in Five Fingers and minimal trail shoes it appears that (in theory at least) my feet are strong enough that stability isn't indicated anymore.  I tried on and ran around in Wave Precisions (too hard to run midfoot with the seemingly thick heel), Adidas Bostons (felt fantastic except that it was too snug over the top of my foot) and LunarFly+ (heel wouldn't stay put), but felt the most comfortable and natural in the Kinvaras.  

                      So my current rotation is now Kinvara, Five Fingers KSO, Inov8 x-talon 212, and Wave Elixir 4

                        300+ miles on mine, so far so good.  I do have the sense that they're going to fall apart soon though.  I can see where my big toe is coming through the inside mesh and they are really, really dirty.  Not sure if these shoes just collect dirt more than other trainers or my training has been dirtier lately...anyway.

                        It took me a few weeks to figure out how tight to tie them.  I usually wear my trainers really loose but doing so in these left my foot sliding around and bumping into the front of the shoe.  I overcompensated for a while and tied them too tight and it was causing some pain on the top of my foot near my ankle but I seem to have figured that out.

                        I wear them for a lot of different workouts and runs and I think they're a good all around trainer but I will say that on some of my really easy recovery days I like something a little more cushy so I've pretty much been using my Lunarfly's on those days.

                        All that said I'll probably buy another pair soon.

                        Runners run.

                          Something about these shoes and my gait (which has me kicking my legs I guess) has the red rubber  transferred to the top of the heel counter.
                            These days the Kinvaras are my go-to for shorter runs, but will go a bit longer with them if I'm on the treadmill. I have not hit near 300 miles on them yet, but, with each run, I am getting more comfortable with them. 

                            Regarding lacing, I always double-knot them.  They came undone about 5 minutes into my last 5k.  I did not want to pull over and tie them, since they felt like they were going to stay on.  They did. 

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                              FYI I've been running in nothing but Kinvaras for the past few months (plus flats for races), and I'm now out for a while with right foot / Achilles' issues. Not sure exactly what I did, nothing too extreme racing- or training-wise, but conceivably my feet just prefer a little more cushioning. I supinate.

                                I love to know why they called them after the Irish town - or was it the Allston Pub? I get sidetracked by those questions.

                                This might be the new shoe I'm looking for  based on the reviews.