Quick Survey: Study about Performance Measurement (Read 131 times)


    Hi, you love running,walking or cycling? If so this qualifies you to participate in our research project that focuses on both measuring sports performance and the usage of technology for this purpose.


    The research is part of my joint master program in Global Innovation Management at Aalborg University, Denmark and Strathclyde University, Scotland.


    The goal of my research project is to develop a new concept to make performance easier to measure on an individual basis and to find out why people use new technology in the sporting world.


    By participating in this research you will help me finish the final year of my masters with a successful project, as well as in developing a product which fits your own personal needs. Your answers will be completely anonymous and all results are exclusively for the project.


    Please take two minutes of your time and fill out the attached survey attached. It would be greatly appreciate if you can forward it to everyone who is also physically active in the areas of running, walking or cycling.




    Thank you so much for your support.


    If you want to know more about myself in person here is my linkedin profile: dk.linkedin.com/pub/rebecca-davis/54/503/766/


    Ludwig Classic Maple

      I worked with a couple folks from Aalborg University when I was at Vestas.  Vestas hasn't done too well, but I still have friends in Denmark.

      Marathon PR: 3:25:35 Fall Classic, 2014

      1/2 Marathon PR: 1:35:59, Mt. Sneffels Half Marathon, 2014



        Aalborg University


        damn.  you've been assimilated.

        Best Present Ever

          I got to "87% completed" and it won't go to the next question.  Also, you have 'speed' but not 'pace' as an option on question re: functions important to me. I don't give a fig about speed, but I would like pace (ave pace/lap, ave pace overall)