Brotherhood trail in Juneau Alaska (Read 371 times)

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    I am in Juneau Alaska I run in the most beautiful place in the world .Mountain covered snow peaks sunshining on the Glacier. ice on the trail running in ice cletes. 23 f its cold and fresh crisp air. Love it Smile
      I'm going to Alaska this summer. Driving from DC. Can't wai to get some runs in. Hope I wont get eaten by a bear!!! I can't wait to see Alaska!

      - Anya

        Sorry, according to USA Today, you're not even in the top 10 "Most Beautiful Places in America." Can't hold a candle to Pittsburgh at night (#2, honestly). http://www.usaweekend.com/03_issues/030518/030518springtravel.html


          Wow that's crazy...But after coming home from San ANtonio TX which has the lit up Riverwalk and all the folks say "there's nothing prettier than that riverwalk..." I can see that people when they are deprived of the natural wilderness change their perspective of natural beauty.
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