advice sought on improving speed for slow runner (Read 2441 times)

     with regard to the steps how do you recommend these be done? there are some near me and i have never included them but like to try. they are quite shallow. do you recommend one at a time or try more? rest at top or not? how long?


    I prefer a standard step, but I use stairs for a plyo workout, not just running up them.  My stairs workout: (not my own, gotten from the best running coach I had)


    1. Run up the stairs
    2. Hop up the stairs with both feet together
    3. Hop up the stairs on one foot
    4. Hop up the stairs on the other foot
    5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 skipping a step. (Two stairs at a time)

    I usually do this twice if I've got a nice, decently long staircase. A normal, house-sized staircase is usually three repeats. The goal on this is to minimize the 'dwell time' that your foot is on the stair. When most people start, the one foot skipping steps is usually too hard, but both feet skipping steps should be achievable for most people for a couple steps at least.