Name of work out not on drop down menu (Read 38 times)


    I have a schedule from Running Wizard, and when I enter the work out on the day that it takes place, I can easily select from the drop down menu the specific name of the workout.


    If for some reason I don't log the workout the same day and I do it later in the week, it's not a problem if I've done that work out before and logged it.


    However, a problem occurs when I have a workout for the first time in the RW plan and I don't log it the same day. The workout type does not appear in the drop down menu.


      The training log is only aware of workout types that you have used before.  It is a separate component from the training plan.  When you log a scheduled workout, the training log looks for workouts that are scheduled for the given day.  It is only then that it knows there is a new workout type.  Once you log a workout with the new workout type, then the log will remember it and you can select it from the list.


      In the rare instance where you're logging a workout with a new type from the training plan, you can manually create this workout type by going to Options (upper right corner) -> Manage My Activities.


      eric Smile