A bug: weekly/monthly distance box from one user but graphic from another (Read 517 times)

    First, do you have a bug tracking system somewhere? Maybe you could add a "Where do I tell you about bugs?" entry to the Help/FAQ page. Well, what I did was the following: Clicked "Home" on the top of the page. Clicked on one of the usernames (MacaveliMC's as you can see on the graphic later). Clicked "View My Training Log". Then I got the following screen: http://spag.dk/ct/misc/loeb/runningahead-bug.png Symptoms: the weekly distance box, monthly distance box etc. are MacaveliMC's, but the graphic with distances are mine. I tried, but I cannot reproduce the error. However, MacavelierMC's username didn't show up so I only tried with some other random user names.
      Casper, Thanks for the detailed bug report. I don't have a formal bug tracking system. I've been thinking about installing one, but it might be an overkill. Right now, I'm just using the Support forum to track issues. As to what you're seeing, the issue is that your browser is not reloading the graph image. There are two possible causes and I haven't figured out which is which. The first one is that the server is not sending the proper flags to tell your browser not to cache the image. The second one is the server is behaving correctly, but your browser is ignoring the no cache request. Both cases will lead to the problem. If you force a complete refresh, I bet you'll get the correct graph. Which browser/version are you using? eric Smile
        Since the system is supposed to be bug-free, there is absolutely no need for a bug tracking system Wink. Both explanations seems reasonable. However, it is hard to identify wich one actually is the problem unless you have some logging of it. Sadly, I loaded the page and went on doing something else and then went back. Therefore I didn't include a timestamp. I will do so if I encounter the error again of course. I'm using Firefox To be specific, the user agent string should be as follows: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20060728 Firefox/ (Debian-1.5.dfsg+
          Since the system is supposed to be bug-free, there is absolutely no need for a bug tracking system Wink.
          "Supposed to" does not equate to *is* bug free. It's one of the reasons I don't release my changes immediately. I'll try to reproduce the problem on my Linux box. eric Smile