Upper calf pain (Read 80 times)

Not Your Average Joe

    I've got pain in my upper calf. I started running about 2 weeks ago after a prolonged absence. I was doing elliptical for about 2 weeks before that and continued that into the first week of running. Now I have a pain in my upper calf on my left leg, almost behind the knee. It feels fine most of the time, but if I sit for a while it will be slightly sore. After running for about 1.25 miles it will start to hurt, like that small part of my calf is cramping. And it stays that way until I stop running. Up until 1.25 miles, it doesn't really hurt.


    Any clues on what has caused this and what I can do about it? Right now, I'm not running until at least Monday.



      Deep Stretching is most likely what you need ! I have used the ProStretch Plus from Medi-Dyne. It has worked wonders for me. You are probably experiencing this because you aren't taking enough time to strengthen and stretch your muscle. The calf's are the hardest working muscles in our body besides our heart!


      Hope you find relief!



        If it is just behind the knee (in the popliteal fossa) it could be a Baker's Cyst.  Ice could help it shrink a bit.