Forum: unread messages? (Read 285 times)

Interval Junkie --Nobby

    Is there a way to get a list of unread messages since your last visit to the forums?  The "recent topics" partially serves this purpose if you frequently refresh the page, but if you've been away for a day some things fall off the list.


    Obviously, I could click on each of the sections and look for unclicked links (but I'm often viewing the forum from several computers during the day), or try to remember the timestamp of my last read vice the posting times).


    If there isn't, it would be nice to have -- along with the "mark everything read" button to reset the experience.


    (Also, it would be nice if "Recent Topics" (or the new "unread messages") were a widget to put on the workout summary page -- then I'd only have one landing page for RA Wink )



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      +1 on "mark every thing read" button Smile



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