A Thunderstorm and a 2 mile Sprint for home (Read 83 times)


    So much for my easy Monday night run. I went out to do my usual 6 mile run last night. And when I was about 2 miles from home a thunder and lightening storm suddenly popped up out of nowhere. And unfortunately because of  where I was on the run there was absolutely no place to take cover. If the storm had occured during the first 3 miles, there were lots of businesses around where I could have taken cover and called my wife to come and get me. As well I had forgotten my cell phone at home last night. So my only option was a 2 mile sprint for home (up and down a bunch of hills) . Must have been the fastest 2 miles I have ever run. Definately feeling it this morning. Think I will skip the intervals workout tonight. The weather forecast for last night said nothing about Thunderstorms, just some light rain. Now they are forecasting thunderstorms for tonight, so think I will go up to the track, that way the car is very near by.






      I've got to cue up Bohemian Rhapsody some time today. Been a while since I've heard it. 


      "...I see a little silhouetto of a man
      Scaramouch, scaramouch - will you do the fandango
      Thunderbolt and lightning very very frightening me
      Gallileo, gallileo, gallileo, gallileo,
      Gallileo figaro magnifico..."