Garmin 305 not recognized (Read 72 times)

Mostly harmless

    I'm unable to import from my Garmin 305 today.  I have tried using different browsers (Firefox and Safari) on two different computers (Mac and Windows) but no luck.


    When I go to the Upload from GPS page I see Device: undefined.  Here is the info from the stack trace:


    Seaching for GarminNetscapePlugin

    found GarminNetscapePlugin

    Plugin version:

    Unlocked plugin

    Status: Detecting GPS...

    plugin.finishFindDevices() completed

    device 0 (Forerunner305 (Unit ID 3803542301)): firmware="290", data type="tcx"

    found device: undefined

    Requesting device (undefined) preferences

    Status: Loading preferences for undefined


    I was able to connect to the Garmin website and import my data there so I think the issue might be with this site and not my Garmin.  Is anyone else experiencing this today?

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      Try again - I had the same problem with my 205, Eric made some changes and it now recognizes it...

      Mostly harmless

        Yep. I just tried again and it is back to working normally.



        "Their tears will salt the rims of my margaritas." - katarama


          Eric's "Da Man".  He fixed the bug promptly today and my 305 works perfect now!

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            Yup.  Eric fixed it for my 410 today, as well.  He's a good guy.  : )

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