First half under 90! (Read 222 times)

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    Well, the title says the biggest part of it, but the long version is that, after being back to running a couple of months after a 20 year break, I decided to do a bunch of research and construct a training plan for the Buffalo half marathon (hometown) for my wife and I. This was six months ago. I relied heavily on Daniels, but included a lot of other stuff, including the wisdom of so many insightful people right here in the forums (Jeff, Nobby, Spaniel, Milktruck and AkTrail come first to mind, but there are so many) - and the bottom line is that we followed the plans (despite occasional grumbling) and hit our goals. I've learned a lot about training- and about coaching and motivating, too. I'm not sure which result I'm more proud of..

    Danielle: 1:45:51

    Me: 1:28:46


    ...and such great people met while training and during the race. I freakin love runners Smile


      Big congratulations for getting it done!! Nice!

        Nice work!! Congrats.

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          Great job! You both tore it up.

            Under 89!


            That's a great milestone, man.  Big congrats!

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              Ha! Thanks, everybody... it gets in your blood, that's for sure. I'm just about to leave on vacation for a week, where there just *happens* to be a ten mile trail race Big grin

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                Wow, congrats! That's a huge accomplishment you should be really proud.


                And runners are the best type of people, right? Smile

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                some call me Tim

                  Thanks, and yep! I think in part it's that running is such a perfect distillation of the challenges we face that the people who are drawn to it often have an honest and visceral approach to life... and then there's the fact that many of the runners in my local community are people who have been broken or lived through some kind of torment and have been 'saved' by the crucible that running can provide. As a result they are hands down the nicest people outside of the church but with no hidden agenda.


                  They are easy to love.


                    Congrats to both of you, great times! Smile


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                      Awesome job! Congrats! The question now is what is your new goal to chase?

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                      some call me Tim

                        Ha! All too easy, though, because of a steady improvement curve and a love of simple number relationships: First marathon (spring) under 3h. We'll see Smile