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    How many miles did you do the year you BQ'ed? Sometimes one as nothing to do with the other, I know.

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    2013***1500 miles

    50 miler



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      2009 - 3200 miles and no BQ 2010 - 2500 miles and BQ'd in October Before then probably few years of 500-1000 miles per year.


        I averaged 54 miles/week in the 20 weeks leading up to my BQ. Had a high of 80 miles in one week and ran five 20 milers. Also ran majority of my weekly non-long run miles at marathon pace. At least one day / week of speed work or hills. 2200 miles in 2009 the year I BQd.

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          2455 in 2009.  The race was in December so most of those miles were leading up to the race.  This year I didn't even hit 1800.  I'm pretty disappointed in my running this year.


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            For me, the 365 days prior was about 2100.  But, running hadn't been my primary sport, so that might be kinda low.

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              In 2000, I started running in April after a year of basically nothing and ran maybe 1200 miles between then and October when I ran my first BQ.  Actually 1,200 is probably generous.  I think my biggest week was around 56 miles and I'm sure there were some 30's in there.  I wasn't yet a runner at that point.

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                850 per year from 2004 (1st Boston) through 2008. 09 I ran 1000  just topped 1300 this year. I have 3 months of focused running prior to each marathon. 

                While low- I did do 6-8,  20 milers prior to each marathon and a few were 22-24 miles

                During the marathon build up I would average 25-32 depending on the year. Peak weekly was usually 40-45.

                Last year I was up to an average of 35 with no week less than 30 and the most being 44  for the 12 weeks prior.


                All that said-- I believe in efficiency over milage and don't think more is better. Other would say I'm not living up to my potential. 

                If I ran more i could run faster may be true but i may also end up on the sidelines or not enjoying it as much.

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                  It's back in my written logs somewhere, but I would guess around 2000 (2:53).

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                    I ran 2:50 in my first marathon at the Monkey (not technically a BQ course). Ran 35-55 mpw the 6 weeks prior.


                    But I probably had 20,000 lifetime miles or so heading into the race.

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                      Thanks lady and gentleman. Goal for 2011. Speed workout of some sort once a week.

                      Run until the trail runs out.

                      2013***1500 miles

                      50 miler



                      unsolicited chatter


                        Since the miles run after the BQ didn't help, I'd say I ran 1945 miles in the 365 before this year's BQ and about 1150 of it were in the last 5 months. It was those miles that made the difference. After an 18 year layoff from the two years I ran in HS I probably went from 0 to BQ in about 2500 miles. That and a lot of cross training. It probably took me about 2000 miles before I started to even think of myself as a "runner."


                          Let's see.. log isn't handy but i. I did about 1140 miles the previous 16 weeks before BQ (with two tempo or long interval sessions a week and some fast finish long runs),  around 2850 miles the whole year (I did BQ near the end of the year), with one tempo every week and fast finish long runs frequently for about half of the remaining weeks of the year, and the rest with all easy runs (long runs through the whole year).


                          Since some are putting lifetime, it would have been after about 21.5K lifetime miles, most of those at a spattering of what I then thought was easy but now know was too fast based on my race times (according to Daniels), with short interval work thrown in off and on but mainly off because it had a tendency to injure me before it made me faster, when it seemed no other matter of stupidity would injure me.  


                          My BQ marathon was my 7th lifetime marathon.


                          I feel like I need an asterisk though, because my age division is the most likely to get the bar moved way up when they adjust the standards, and there's not much wriggle room in my BQ time.   It sure was a huge improvement since my first few marathons though!

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                            It's hard to make sense of but I'll try. I started out 2010 with a femoral neck stress fx, frayed labrum of the hip and partial tear of the glues medius. I spent most of my time running in deep water and in PT until the end of March. I started running again and peaked at one 60 mile week in July. Then I developed horrible shin splints. I spent the next few months running very little. I biked and ran in the pool. I ran 30 miles total in the month before my first marathon in September and BQ'd with 22 min to spare. 8 weeks later I ran the NYC marathon 16 min faster. Crazy, huh?

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                                Crazy, huh?


                                Only if you think water running isn't effective. How many hours did you spend in the pool?


                                My DW went through a period when the only time she ran on the roads was when she entered (and won) races.Smile

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