The Soccer Monsters sent me here... Looking for your experience in HM training setbacks. (Read 214 times)


    I originally posted this on another running message board, but that board that shall not be named has been overrun. 


    Here's my deal...


    I've been training for my first HM, which is now just 10 days away.  I've put in many months and have run many miles.  I will not bore you with my plan.


    On Thanksgiving I ran a 10k race.  Everything felt great.  Even had a personal best of 50:59.  


    Three days later I ran an easy 8 miles.  No problems.  Not fast, not slow.  Just a nice 8 miles.  


    Later that night I had a pain behind my knee, sort of where the bottom of the hamstring would connect to the back of the knee joint.  I also had minor swelling.   I have iced, elevated, and rested... no running since Sunday morning.


    I have a 5k on Saturday this week that I do not want to miss.  My pain has lessened each and every day since Sunday and I feel like I'll have no problem doing well in the 5k in 3 days..  


    If I assume that the back of my knee is re-aggravated during the 5k, I predict won't run at all again before the HM.  If that's true, then in the 16 days between Thanksgiving and my Half, I'll have only run 4 times.  My training plan calls for 8 runs (of varying distance and effort) in those 16 days. 


    So... I'm curious as to what those of you that have had serious training setbacks have experienced during your race.   I suppose I'm defining "serious training setbacks" as running 50% less during the final few weeks leading up to a race than you expected or than was called for by your plan.  How did your race go?  Did you feel as though the missed workouts really hurt you on race day, or do you think that due to you already putting in weeks or months of training prior to your setback you were able to run the race as well as you had planned all along?  Would you have done anything differently in those weeks leading up to your race? 

      See my log regarding marathon 31 May.....  I think the last 5  weeks cost me 5 minutes or more, but that could be me finding an excuse.


      There are life and health reasons why my training went off the rails, but I still ran a decent marathon, I just think I was on track for a better one.


      Advice though? If you're having knee pain, pick one of your two races. Maybe run the 5K as part of a workout (say 10K at planned ½ race pace with extended warm up or cool down in place of your long run) if your knee will handle that, but max effort on a 5K is the worst thing you can do right now from my experience.

        I would definitely ditch the 5k, and not worry about how much you're running between now and the HM.  The general consensus seems to be that it takes about two weeks for training to have an effect, so your training from here on in is not going to help your HM performance, but it can definitely hurt it.  I'd suggest sticking to short, easy runs leading up to the HM; if those aggravate your injury, take some more days off and try to get a couple of shake-out runs in just before the race.  


        My experience with injury (both running and non-running) is that things start to feel good again once you're about 80% healed.  It's that last 20% that is the dangerous bit.  You feel good and think you can jump right back into things, and this puts you at a very high risk for re-injury and potentially chronic issues. 

        "Because in the end, you won't remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn.  Climb that goddamn mountain."

        Jack Kerouac


          I do feel like I'm in the "80%" healed range... so I appreciate the words of wisdom about that dangerous last 20%.  With the 5k just two days away now, and coming off a 10k personal best, I feel like I could go out there Saturday and do very well (maybe set a personal best there, too) in the 5k. 


          I should heed the other bit of advice about not giving max effort on the 5k.  The smart move is to skip it or just use it as a light workout.   The extra smart move is to not do anything at this point to destroy my half on the 8th.  Running it has been my prime objective for about 8 months now. 


          I appreciate the feedback.