Garmin dead zones (Read 204 times)


Chief Unicorn Officer

    Yep! But my two spots are next to a multilevel parking garage and near a big storefront with a canopy, so I'm confident that those buildings are the reason for the interference.

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      I did a out and back run in a heavily wooded trail last weekend, according to my Garmin I ran 7 miles out and 5 back. Roll eyes


      Would you be so kind as to point me to your Garmin Connect activity for this run if you have uploaded it there?  This sounds like a rather extreme example that I'd like to have a look at if it's OK with you.  If you don't want to post a link to the activity here (or the activity number), you could PM me, perhaps?

      - Joe

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      Gator eye

        Sorry I don't up load info off my garmin 210, I just use it for distance and pace.