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    I am a long time Running Ahead user and I got an Android phone specifically so I could get Handy Runner to work in with RA better.  I am finding Handy Runner often does not start recording my runs even though I start recording before I put my phone safely away, or it stops and starts and stops and starts every few seconds.  I have double and triple checked the GPS and that seems OK and MapMyRun seems to have no problem finding me on the same routes.  HELP! I'm very frustrated.


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      The person who created HandyRunner announced the end of in Feb 2012....so I think you might be out of luck getting it to work with any recent Android version.




      For those of you that don't know, I am the author of the HandyRunner app for Android,  I've been noticing requests for new features and updates to the app, but I just don't have the time plus I'm no longer an Android user.  I have been seduced by Apple and I have switched to an iPhone about a month ago :-)


      I'm looking to see if there is anyone out there that would be interested in taking over the Handy Runner app.    Please only consider this after you have taken the time to evaluate if you really want to take it over and will have the time or motivation to continue improving it.


      If you're interested, send me a PM with your email address and we can continue the discussion over email.



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        Late answer, but I spoke to Derek around that time. He supposedly found someone else to take it over (I had offered but without great enthusiasm), but all I've seen since is a message from Eric about an update around April of this past year. I'd started having the same problems with it that you did, and stopped using it years ago. I just export my runs from RunKeeper into RA. Once in a while I use my Garmin. It's a pain and I wish there were a working integrated app, but in the global scheme of things... eh.