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    It's the single (double?) piece of gear that makes the biggest impact on performance and comfort. So I want to know your thoughts on your running footwear in a single thread. Feel free to rank your favorite shoes, discuss brand sizing trends (does brand X tend to run small, while brand Y seems a bit generous?), foot types, running types, average wear for a given model, history of shoe models, odes to your favorites, etc. Last night my brother called to tell me that he just bought a new pair of running shoes. Unbeknownst to me he also likes NB shoes and needs wide widths. And the shoe he just bought is very comparable to the shoes I am currently running in. Even though we are built very differently (he is tall and fairly thin...and pretty speedy, while I am more short and stocky--and a slow-poke. He also rarely runs more than 5k, while my current goal is to finish a HM by Halloween) we seem to have similar running shoe needs--can't get away from genetics and weird feet. Does anyone else with runners in their family of orientation (ie blood relatives) find that you wear similar shoes, particularly from the same manufacturer? k

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