Do your Real life acquaintances know you are on an Internet Forum? (Read 781 times)

    Still stuck in a solipsistic perception (ever since I ate some bad fungus back in early 60's) and since I don't see any acquaintances at the moment, they don't really exist, until they return to my awareness to tell me stories about what they did when they were in the void. Thus it doesn't matter whether or not they know, because it makes no difference on the way things really are, which is me here in my own bubble of awareness. Existential bubble boy.




      My avatar has never been used on the internet before.  In fact, I don't think there's ever been a picture posted of myself ever (as in the avatar). 



      Disclaimer: I reserve the right to not respond to your follow-up post If you jump off the handle and attribute something to me that I did not say. The resulting silence should in no way be taken as a sign of agreement.