Do all FR 210s do this...? (Read 115 times)

    We all know that the charging clip is a giant pain, but I still like mine because it's better than my last FR where it didn't let me charge it at all. I screwed that one up trying to put in a new battery myself. I have always charged my 210 using the wall outlet so I haven't encountered this problem, but it sounds annoying.

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      I've been running into an issue with my newish Forerunner 210 that has me sorta irritated with the device.  It seems that as soon as my computer goes into sleep mode that it disconnects the device -- both the mounted disk dealie AND charging through the USB clip/cable.

      Is your computer a PC with Win7 by chance?
      In this case , good news: You can fine tune the energy saving  options up to extreme levels.

      You may, for instance, set your computer to turn off the drives, network card and monitor but leaving your USBs powered.


      START > Power Options > select a plan > Change Plan Settings > Change Advanced Power Settings >
      USB > USB Selective Suspend Setting (change to OFF).


      And while you are there you can adapt the rest of the settings. I would leave the network card on also as this is known to cause some annoyances with home networks, specially if you have external hard drives.


      In Mac OS X there is a similar option (system settings > power options) but it's not that fine grained.


      I have a Timex now and it uses a clip too (I bet it's the same), but this one has a normal USB type A connector on the other end so that I plug it in to the wall socket with a normal phone charger.

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        Mac...I'm going to have to look at those options.  As is I set sleep from 15 min to 1 hour.

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          My JUST OVER ONE YEAR OLD AND NO WARRANTY 210 battery stop charging or would show a full charge and then shut off because of a dead battery.

          But the nice people at Garmin let me give them another 90 for a refurbished unit. It lasted a week and died.

          Back to wishin I would of went with the 310 for the second time. I really expected more than a year out of a 200 dollar watch