2024 The Waltons: Racing & Training Thread (Read 177 times)

    Flavio thanks for moving the tool over!!!


    Watson - that sounds like a great race execution and besides that a great preparation as well, as compared to last year. Congrats to you and the family! Btw I am a big coffein responder myself, I think. Although that usually keeps me up all night after races.


    Steve - final countdown - you've got this. I am sure your cramps are down to salt/sodium so now that you have figured this out, I think you got all pieces to the puzzle. Enjoy it. With your massive training block, it will feel easy, I am sure. Hope weather plays its part. Good luck!


    JamesD - I enjoyed the report - congrats on winning your AG. I hope I will get close to your time this year (sub 100 minutes).


    Re all hot weather complainers - it has been pouring rain here and I can't understand the whining about heat Smile I have a bigger problem with running in totally wet shoes/socks - which I hate with a passion. I bought myself some Nike trail shoes that are heavy as bricks. Hope to develop some strength as a consequence. I remember reading that Zatopek the Czech gold medalist used to train in military boots!


    My week, last week - the first of a 20 week training block for the Frankfurt marathon (hint hint the Forum leader - its on October 27). Slowly starting to ramp up mileage and adding some strenght to it. My hill reps are still on a very gentle gradient. Will have to find a hillier hill! What is your hill rep length, when using this for marathon training typically?

    Date   km Duration Avg/km Elevation Gain
    What  in m
    20-May Easy jog 4.52 00:35:20 07:49 62
    21-May 2E / 2T+2min rest / 1E / 1T 10.72 01:00:55 05:41 14
    21-May Easy commute back 6.01 00:40:16 06:42 65
    22-May Easy commute 10.75 01:05:38 06:06 15
    23-May 2E / 6x2min I/1min jg 10.76 01:06:27 06:11 17
    24-May Easy commute 10.51 01:05:13 06:12 14
    24-May Easy commute back 5.5 00:40:13 07:19 39
    26-May Some hill work 300m at T (4% gradient) 8.01 00:53:15 06:39 117
    Totals: Time: 07:07:17 - 🦅Imperial: 41.51 mi - Metric: 66.79 km

    HM: 1:47 (9/20) I FM: 3:53:11 (9/23)


    2024 Goals: run a FM & HM + stay healthy!

    Half Crazy K 2.0

      MJ, it rained a lot prior to last week, so I had many runs with soaked shoes. I think it's what made the heat seem worse--the rain had kept the temperatures down and then it went to sunny and 70+ in the morning.


      Waltons ThreadLord

        Mick - Feel free to post your race as per the format requested in the race list thread and I'll then put it there.  As to rain, I find the shoes I run in don't tend to soak up water and just running in them serves to squeeze out some moisture.  I suppose it's a matter of what socks & shoes one has on.


        mmerkle - Like you, it takes me a couple of weeks to get used to warmer weather, but even then there's a limit to what I tolerate.  I really am a cold weather runner.  My ideal running season would combine the temperatures of winter with the daylight hours of late spring/early summer.


        Kathi -Yeah, it has been getting warm in the mid-Atlantic region lately.  Nice week of running.


        Watson - Sorry to hear about your tough ParkRun.  At least you have as many tries as you want to do it again.


        Steve - You're ready.  Go get it.


        Mark - Glad to hear you had a good week.  Enjoy the recovery.


        James - Nice recovery week.  Sorry - I don't have anything in terms of a catchy name.  I'm not sure why doing better than the split indicates a fade; wouldn't that be a good thing?  Thanks for sharing the race report.


        My week was notable for being the first one in a while where every run was at least an hour.  I didn't plan it that way - it just happened.  I started a little project to run all the streets in a neighboring town.  I did this in my own town a couple years ago and while the new project has less than 26 miles of roads compared to the 110 of my town, every run to the neighboring town requires at least two miles just to get there and back.  My track workout was at sub-5k pace again.  When I begin HM training, I'll be doing more distance in the repeats, but the pace will be somewhere between 5k and 10k.  36.2 miles for the week.



        Date Workout Type Distance Duration Pace Temp
        5/20/2024   Easy 5.8 mi 1:01:09 10:39  55
        5/21/2024   Easy 5.6 mi 1:00:02 10:44  55
        5/23/2024 4 x 200/200, 4 x 400/400, 4 x 200/200 Repeats 6.4 mi 1:03:29   9:59  68
        5/24/2024   Easy 6.3 mi 1:09:46 11:01  66
        5/25/2024   Easy 5.5 mi 1:00:08 10:52  66
        5/26/2024   Easy 6.8 mi 1:10:43 10:25  66
        5k 23:48.45 (3/22); 4M 31:26 (2/22); 5M 38:55 (11/23); 10k 49:24 (10/22); 
        10M 1:29:33 (2/24); Half 1:48:32 (10/22); Marathon 4:29:58 (11/23)

        Upcoming race(s): Firecracker 4-miler, 7/4





           James - Nice recovery week.  Sorry - I don't have anything in terms of a catchy name.  I'm not sure why doing better than the split indicates a fade; wouldn't that be a good thing?  Thanks for sharing the race report. 



          OK, let's say you run the first 5K of a 10K in 25 minutes and finish in 51 minutes, so you slowed down a bit.  If your 25-minute split is considered as a standalone 5K, it might be equivalent to a 52-minute 10K (I'm just guessing).  Your actual 51-minute time is better than that, so you just faded but didn't blow up (or collapse or whatever term I decide on).  In my case, I slowed down so much that my half result was several seconds slower than the equivalent of my estimated 10K split as a standalone, so I call that a blowup.

          Post-1987 PRs:  Half 1:30:14 (2019); 10K 39:35 (2019); 5K 19:12 (2017); Mile 5:37.3 (2020)

          '24 Goals: consistency, age-graded PRs, half < 1:32



            Building back up, though I’m still not where I was before I got sick in April.  Also starting to get acclimated to the warmth, though I’m not all the way there yet.  Don’t have any races until a couple of 5Ks in August, so I’ve got time.


            Sun - 7 miles in park PM @8:18, temp 86/30, TDP 154

            Mon - 6 miles very slow TM (72:20) + 0:40 walk breaks/6 min

            Tues - 8.3 miles in park PM @8:38, temp 89/32, TDP 144

            Weds - 72 minutes pool running

            Thurs - 9.6 miles in park midday @8:44

            Fri - 6 miles very slow TM (72:20) + 0:40 walk breaks/6 min

            Sat - 8.3 miles in park PM @8:40, temp 76/24, TDP 140 


            Total - 45.2 miles

            YTD - 32.7 mpw

            Post-1987 PRs:  Half 1:30:14 (2019); 10K 39:35 (2019); 5K 19:12 (2017); Mile 5:37.3 (2020)

            '24 Goals: consistency, age-graded PRs, half < 1:32


              Quick drop from me, been a busy day with a trip to the A&E with Miss 7 this morning (wrist was fortunately not broken!), and birthday party for Miss 1 this afternoon.


              It was a planned lighter week, which was proven to be a good idea on Wednesday when I ended up downscaling my workout as the legs just didn't feel like moving that fast.  Had a great track workout Saturday (again), but was definitely feeling it during the long one on Sunday (again), so I may just look at shuffling my schedule a little.


              Weekly for period: From: 27/05/2024 To 02/06/2024

              <caption>Weekly Grid</caption>
              Date Name mi km Duration Avg/mi Avg/km Elevation Gain
              in m
              28/05 That run where the zombie fence is still there 8.29 13.34 00:57:52 06:59 04:20 74
              29/05 That run with a lot of stick, but not much carrot 9.97 16.04 01:02:15 06:15 03:53 28
              30/05 That run with a couple of unexpected obstacles and a bonus hill 8.76 14.10 01:00:56 06:57 04:19 167
              01/06 That where tharr’s pirates at that tharrr track 8.71 14.01 00:50:53 05:51 03:38 6
              02/06 That run where it’s kinda eerie how often One Of These Days comes up on shuffle coming up that hill 13.10 21.08 01:33:53 07:10 04:27 203

              Totals: Time: 05:25:49 - 🦅Imperial: 48.83 mi - Metric: 78.57 km

              3,000m: 9:07.7 (Nov-21) | 5,000m: 15:39 (Dec-19) | 10,000m: 32:34 (Mar-20)  

              10km: 33:15 (Sep-19) | HM: 1:09:41 (May-21)* | FM: 2:41:41 (Oct-20)

              * Net downhill course

              Last race: Runway5 / National 5k Champs, 16:22, National Masters AG Champ!

              Up next: Still working on that...

              "CONSISTENCY IS KING"


                Mark - nice week.


                My week was good.  Two short strength sessions, plus:

                Weekly for period: From: 27/05/2024 To 02/06/2024

                <caption>Weekly Grid</caption>
                Date Name mi km Duration Avg/mi Avg/km Elevation Gain
                in m
                27/05 Evening Run 4.39 7.07 00:41:20 09:25 05:51 33
                28/05 Evening Run - 3 * (10:00 @ 30k Pace & 1:00 Walk) 7.23 11.64 01:00:01 08:18 05:09 27
                29/05 Evening Run 4.39 7.07 00:40:02 09:07 05:40 28
                30/05 Evening Run - 3 * (10:00 @ 30k Pace & 1:00 Walk) 7.32 11.78 01:00:01 08:12 05:06 40
                31/05 Afternoon Run 6.15 9.90 00:55:33 09:02 05:37 20
                01/06 Afternoon Run - Trentham Harriers Run 7.53 12.12 01:24:23 11:12 06:58 258
                02/06 Afternoon Run 9.96 16.02 01:30:11 09:03 05:38 51

                Totals: Time: 07:11:31 - 🦅Imperial: 46.98 mi - Metric: 75.59 km

                PRs: 5km 18:43 (Dec 2015), 10km 39:59 (Sep 2020), half 1:26:16 (Sep 2016), full 3:09:28 (Jun 2015)


                40+ PRs: 5km 19:31 (Oct 2020), 10km 39:59 (Sep 2020), half 1:29:39 (Jun 2018), full 3:13:55 (Sep 2022)


                2023 PRs (hope to beat in 2024): 5km 20:34, 10km 41:37, half 1:32:32, full 3:21:05


                2024 PRs: 5km 20:25


                Hot Weather Complainer

                  Thanks all.  Feeling pretty embarrassed and shocked about the whole thing.  It was like I'd had a niggle and barely trained for months, I felt so unfit.  Here's a copy and paste of what I sent to my coach, I don't think there's anymore detail required:


                  Bad sleep - first time since we moved here that we could hear the neighbours. Loud music started at 1am and went until 3am. Watch says 6 hours sleep but it was more like 3. Music kept stopping and starting and after the third or fourth time I was wide awake.

                  Was feeling a bit negative because of that all morning, was hard to snap out of it. Just wanted to start running. But it didn't help. Felt flat and sluggish for all but about 2km. Tried really hard to use Quinny's techniques and convinced myself I'd start feeling good soon. Felt the right hamstring tighten about 15km.


                  Cedreece was about 3 metres behind me for 22km - I didn't know it was him (suspected but heard someone call him Mark I think) and there was no-one else for miles. I went wide and slowed down a couple of times to try and get him next to me so we could work together but he stayed right behind me. A guy who was supporting others said "work together you guys" and I glanced back and said "he's right" but still nothing. Maybe on another day it wouldn't have annoyed me. We've messaged since and it's all good, he's a good guy. He said he didn't feel comfortable talking to someone he hadn't met before mid race.


                  Knew I was getting cramp about 23km so pulled out the magic spray. It worked for a few km. Saw Beth about 24km and told her to stay pretty close. Came on strong at 26.5km and if I wanted to keep running I would have needed about 2 mins stretching but I knew what was coming and couldn't face 15+km of it. I'd already made peace with pulling the pin.


                  I was kind of in shock for the rest of the day "did that really happen?" This is the most prepared I've ever been and was the worst performance. It was different to the other times when I felt good and cramp came out of the blue. This time I felt off and was already 1-2 mins off target pace by halfway, not by choice or being sensible. I had massive doubts that I could hold on even without cramp. Probably my worst day of the year on the biggest day but no obvious reason why. It can't just be the negative start to the day - my sleep was good all week and one bad night is kind of expected the night before the race.


                  Looking at the positives: I'm not overly sore, no worse than after a Saturday run. I'll go for a recovery jog today and probably take tomorrow off but should be good to continue some moderate training. I want to do the 10km Road Run of the 10km series on June 23. I just want to do some fun events, no PB goals, just enjoy a race or 2.

                  5km: 18:34 11/23 â”‚ 10km: 39:10 8/23 â”‚ HM: 1:26:48 9/23 â”‚ M: 3:29:54 6/24


                  2024 Races:

                  Motorway Half Marathon February 25, 2024 1:29:55

                  Christchurch Half-Marathon April 21, 2024 1:27:34

                  Selwyn Marathon June 2, 2024 DNF

                  Wellington Marathon June 23, 2024 3:29:54

                  Hagley Park Run July 20, 2024

                  Dunedin Half Marathon September 15, 2024

                  Timaru Ten October 26, 2024


                  Mother of Cats

                    Hi all - I am finally resurfacing after a few weeks of being buried in life/work stuff.  I will try to catch up on shout-outs soon, as I know I've missed a lot.  The one that I'll do now is just to comment (again) how gutted I am about Steve's marathon.


                    To catch up on my own weeklies/race reports - I raced four races over the last two weekends - a 5K on the roads that went badly (report) and then my first para-athlete track meet, where I did the 5000m, the 1500m, and the 800m to score qualifying times for the national meet in each distance (report) - I also managed to establish or break the national record for each distance (pending some paperwork) so that was cool.


                    This week:  60 miles of running/7 "miles" pool-running.


                    M: 90 minutes pool-running.

                    T: 6 miles very easy to gym (9:50) including two hill sprints.  Upper body weights/core at gym, and then jogged 2 miles very easy home (9:47) plus two strides.  Sports massage at night.

                     W: 9 miles on the track, including a mixed workout that started as 2K at tempo (9:08) and then 2x800 slightly faster (3:33 and 3:29).  5 minutes recovery after the 2K and 2:40 between the 800s.  Then swapped shoes into the Takumi Sen 7 and did some 100s and 200s.  The 200s were 47-48 seconds and the 100s were 22-23 seconds.

                    Th: 9 miles very easy on trails (10:09) in the morning; streaming yoga in the evening.

                    F: 10 miles, including a relaxed ~6500m tempo on the Georgetown waterfront (5 loops - splits were 6:18, 6:05, 6:00, 5:53, 5:50), followed by leg strengthwork.

                    Sa: 9.5 miles very easy (9:19), drills and two strides.  Upperbody weights and core in evening.

                    Su:  14 miles easy to moderate (8:45) followed by leg strengthwork. 


                    I really struggle with running faster than half-marathon pace on any surface that has variations or inclines/declines, so I'm moving my tempo workouts for the next few weeks to a loop on a local waterfront that has just enough of each to challenge me.

                    Everyone's gotta running blog; I'm the only one with a POOL-RUNNING blog.


                    And...if you want a running Instagram where all the pictures are of cats, I've got you covered.


                      Steve sorry to hear this. This just sucks. You have put in both the physical and mental work needed for this. Once the understandable disappointment passes, I hope the success of the journey would mean something to you despite not coming close to what you are capable of on race day.



                        Steve - Ugh.  You've still got the fitness, so even if you just concentrate on having fun in your next few races, I bet you'll wind up with good times.

                        Post-1987 PRs:  Half 1:30:14 (2019); 10K 39:35 (2019); 5K 19:12 (2017); Mile 5:37.3 (2020)

                        '24 Goals: consistency, age-graded PRs, half < 1:32

                          Steve - everything, but don't feel embarassed. You had a bad day, but a great training cycle. The beauty is, the body doesn't forget and it will pay off at a later stage. Have some fun races and then put the work clothes back on. You will get the marathon right. PS - to bring my jerk side back out: If I don't get injured, I might be able to get very very close to your current marathon PB in October Wink


                          Darkwave: amazing, congratulations. I hope the prize money and all the nationwide competitions will bring loads of sponsors. Treadmills, super shoes, gear, TV adds, podcasts. Seriously, you could have a golden few years ahead of you. I am glad I got to exchange anonymously with a future Celebrity!


                          My week was ok - I ran my slow km's in mile paces. And the fast stuff, I didn't do as much of it as Jack Daniels wanted me to do. But I was ok with that. 2 short strength session (shopping for a squat rack at the moment). Going ok. If it wasn't for the rain. Half the country is flooded. And doesn't stop. I blame global warming for it - too much moisture in the air due to the high sea surface temps. Terrible, what we have done. But the garden looks good....and I am running most of my miles in goretex nike's so that was spot on, when I bought those. Really cool, feet are wet mostly (only got really wet when I attempted a long run of 10.5miles and I think they got wet because the socks on teh outside were soacked and then passed it on to the inside. But anyhow, I guess this is TMI.


                          Weekly for period: From: 05/27/2024 To 06/02/2024

                          <caption>Weekly Grid</caption>
                          Date Name mi km Duration Avg/mi Avg/km Elevation Gain
                          in ft
                          05/27 4@MP / 1E / 4@MP 9.33 15.01 01:23:46 08:59 05:35 230
                          05/28 Morning Run Easy (commute) 6.67 10.73 01:10:46 10:37 06:36 66
                          05/28 Afternoon Run  Easy (commute) 3.74 6.01 00:38:53 10:24 06:28 253
                          05/29 2x3k@T rest Easy 6.61 10.64 01:00:02 09:05 05:39 62
                          05/30 Morning Run - my legs are dead 6.65 10.70 01:12:05 10:50 06:44 89
                          05/30 Afternoon Run Easy (commute) 3.74 6.01 00:38:12 10:13 06:21 289
                          05/31 3E / 5MP / 2E / 4MP / 3E 10.52 16.93 01:32:46 08:49 05:29 157
                          06/02 10x150m hill repeats and 2k Easy 3.30 5.30 00:40:46 12:21 07:42 554

                          Totals: Time: 08:17:16 - 🦅Imperial: 50.55 mi - Metric: 81.33 km

                          HM: 1:47 (9/20) I FM: 3:53:11 (9/23)


                          2024 Goals: run a FM & HM + stay healthy!

                            PPS: I am in the same team as Fred, Mark, DaveNPW (and some others) for the All Star week. The other team is full of sandbaggers. Let's show them what we've got!

                            HM: 1:47 (9/20) I FM: 3:53:11 (9/23)


                            2024 Goals: run a FM & HM + stay healthy!

                              Hi, all.


                              Thanks Steve and DW for the RRs - both interesting reads. Steve, yours is a mystery for the ages. Sherlock Holmes would probably not hesitate to take your case! And DW, congrats on your recent successes!


                              Fred - sounds like you got a nice little run project going on there. Enjoy!


                              As for me, I'm just bumbling along, trying to make sense of this new world I'm in with no job and no dad. I am loving not having to give work any of my precious time...and hopefully my running will see the benefits of all this free time (which there is actually not much of, in reality!).




                              Weekly for period: From: 27/05/2024 To 02/06/2024 (non-confusing order of day-month-year)

                              <caption>Weekly Grid</caption>
                              Date Name mi km Duration Avg/mi Avg/km Elevation Gain
                              in m
                              27/05 Afternoon Run 0.79 1.27 00:06:37 08:23 05:13 1
                              28/05 Easy Hour (not quite as good as happy hour) 6.27 10.08 01:01:01 09:44 06:03 186
                              29/05 8x800m 9.33 15.02 01:24:00 09:00 05:36 135
                              30/05 Afternoon Run 15.01 24.15 02:09:12 08:36 05:21 141
                              31/05 The General Aerobic - You better run as fast as you can 9.02 14.51 01:14:59 08:19 05:10 75
                              02/06 All the debutants in Houston, baby 19.90 32.01 02:52:24 08:40 05:23 125

                              Totals: Time: 08:48:13 - 🦅Imperial Confusion: 60.31 mi - Metric: 97.04 km

                              50+ age-group PBs:  Half Perish 1:24:24 (June '23 Road Race) - 10km 37:52 (2022 Local Road Champs) - Track 5km 18:49 (Aug '22) - Perish Run 3:17:42

                              2024 Goals: Road/Track 10km Sub 38:00 - 5km Sub 18:30





                                Darkwave - Enjoyed the report on your track meet.  I don't like standing around before races either (won't consider running a reasonably close half because it wants runners in corrals 45 minutes before the start).  If I have more than about 5 minutes to wait, I'll sit and look at everyone else's calves and shoes until then.  Maybe if the wait was 30 minutes I would stand up after about 15 and shake my legs for a while before sitting down again.  Don't know if doing that might help you.

                                Post-1987 PRs:  Half 1:30:14 (2019); 10K 39:35 (2019); 5K 19:12 (2017); Mile 5:37.3 (2020)

                                '24 Goals: consistency, age-graded PRs, half < 1:32