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    My first 5K since October 06...i'm excited to see how far i've come along and what shape i'm in before summer starts. My 5K PR set in October was 28:29. I was hoping for 25 minutes this time but wasn't too confident since i've had two big ankle sprains the past month and just wasn't feeling great most of the training runs leading up to the race, having problems with super tightness in my calves. The race was held at Ala Moana Beach Park, about 2 miles away from where i live so i did a nice and easy jog to the race. Weather was pretty good, a bit hot and humid with no wind. This race is pretty fun since there are runners dressed in banana suits with a 30s headstart and the top three of each age group who pass the bananas gets a free Jamba for a year. There were about 350 people showed up for the race, so it wasn't too overly crowded. I had line up pretty close to the front so really had no major holdups except there are few turns early during the course where things get a bit jammed up but not too crazy. Once the race starts i just picked a pace that felt pretty hard but doable, trying to negotiate the start crowd..first mile i hit at 7:56...not bad i thought, i felt pretty good. Second mile of the race is along a really narrow running path that can probably fit only three people side by side unless you get off onto the dirt/grass...since i had sprained my ankle twice in the previous weeks i had no confidence whatsoever off the smooth surface so i just stuck to the path..2nd mile is at exactly 16 minutes, pace dropped off a bit from the first mile. The next 1.1 mile was quite a torture. I was just sort of stuck in the same gear for a while, then i spotted one of the banana costume about 30 yards in front...i decided then that i need to catch that banana. Plus i remember mikeymike gave me an advice to try and make myself pass out in the last half a mile...so i did and I passed the banana about 20 yards from the finish line..i was pretty stoked about that then i looked up at the finish line clock and was even more stoked...it said 23:45 right before i cross the finish line...so i thought excellent, probably 23:50 or so, checked my watch at the finish line and it says 23:45...way more than i expected...after taking a few minutes to make sure i didn't puke i walked over and check the results printout...it said my finish time was 24:02 for a pace of 7:29 mm...i thought that didn't make sense at all...24:02 is like 7:45, i thought maybe 24:02 is the gun time and 7:29mm pace was chip time...i didn't care though...i managed to beat my goal despite feeling pretty lousy the previous few weeks. So i just put down 24:02 in my RA log. Never thought I could run 8 minute mile let alone sub 8 minute since i don't ever run that fast like...ever... My friend came in second overall in the women's division and gave me a few free original size jamba juice coupons so i'm happy. Then i got my first ever massage by a guy, i figure why not it was free...i thought it was gonna be weird but it wasn't... he noticed the calves tightness real quick and really focused on that and it did make it a little bit better but it is still lingering. It certainly made the two mile jog back home nicer. I'm taking today off and back in training mode on monday for some more base building during the summer. aloha steve

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      Wow, that is a HUGE improvement over your last 5k! And just think if you hadn't recently been injured how well you could have done! AND you got coupons! Big grin k

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        Awesome dude! Way to crush that PR. I love Jamba Juice (another one of the many things I miss from California), so I'm stoked to hear you passed the banana. 7:45 and 24:02 line up, so I'm not sure what the 7:29 was (your watch time of 23:45 yields a 7:39 pace). In any case, you ran the last 1.1 mile at a 7:19 pace, so you really brought it home with a vengeance. (Way to be like Mike, eh?) Nice job! Cheers, Jeff

        On your deathbed, you won't wish that you'd spent more time at the office.  But you will wish that you'd spent more time running.  Because if you had, you wouldn't be on your deathbed.

          Congratulations on breaking 25 mins. All the mileage you've been running has certainly paid off!!


            Awesomeness, Steve. Way to go on the PR!

            When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?

              Awesome run, Steve! Sounds like you paced it perfectly and had a great kick. Way to go!
                Great job Steve! Just curious, what times did the people in you age group run who got the free Zamba for a year? I LOVE Jamba Juice!
                  Well done Steve - great improvement on time. Cool


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