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    I've got a half marathon coming up next weekend (9/9) and I've been reading conflicting advice about how far my last long run this weekend should be.  I've seen recommendations for everything from 8 miles to the full 13.  I confess that I've never been able to really taper well and for most of my previous halfs, my last long run has been around 10 miles. 


    Does this make sense?  I've been training especially hard for this race and am really hoping to set a PR (sub 1:49) but don't want to make a bad choice that could cause problems before I even get to the starting line.







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      I would say to only do 8 at most.  There's no reason to go into your last few days before the race tired.


      Once you get within 2 weeks of a race, any additional workouts will not do much to improve your fitness in time for the race.  The exception is some light speed work or drills to get your legs to feel better.  

        10 miles is fine as long as it is 10-12 days before race day. You have plenty of time to recover. I think many people over taper for a half. You will be fine. Just don't do anything thing that beats the heck out of you 6 days before the race.

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          Depends what you're used to - I (and many others) quite often run more than 13 miles for a weekend long run, and I wouldn't worry at all about running that kind of distance a week before a race. On the other hand if you're not used to doing that then it's probably better to do something shorter.

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            I agree with Tchuck and pr100's input and would only add the following question to get a better understanding...


            What do you want from the run this weekend?  What's your goal for it to accomplish?  If you're want to run long to gain confidence, then logging the distance while paying attention to running easy fits the bill.  If you want this weekend's run to help your fitness for the race on 9/9, then logging miles will likely not do all that much this late in the cycle and maybe some tempo work will serve you better. Etc, etc.

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              How tired are you from your training for this Half?  If you have just peaked from a mileage perspective, I'd run a max 8-10 miles, if you have run longer earlier (either in this cycle or earlier) and don't feel fatigued, I'd run 10 with a couple of faster miles in the middle.  Either way I'd not do the full 13 a week out from the race.

                I have had good luck with a 10 mile run, nice and easy, a week to 10 days out from the race.  This has been with 8-10 weeks of 12-16 mile long runs leading up to that point, so an easy 10 seems, well, easy...  I agree that it depends on what you have been doing in training.  If your long runs are 10-12 miles in training, then 8 seems good.  If your long runs are frequently 16-20, then 13 the week before would be fine.


                You are not going to gain fitness from a run a week out, so I would say err on the short side to be safe and make sure you come into the race feeling good.



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                  I'm running a half the same day as you (although not as fast as you). I'm planning to do 9 on Saturday and 6 on Sunday. At this point, it's mostly mental work for me, I think. Smile

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                    Thanks for all the suggestions.  I have been feeling sluggish lately so I think I'm likely to take it easy this weekend - maybe get some extra sleep instead.

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